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Why doesn't it do the whole weapon arts for me? It just stops after the first spin, never finishes the full spin and overhead slam
Because it requires you to press r1 to continue the attack, its a 3 part combo wich is triggered from L2
R2 not r1 sry
Sharp +10 has an A in DEX
It also has an A in STR
thank yooooou captain obviouuuuuus
It now has A-A scaling with int/faith for Chaos and Dark infusion
Dragonslayer Swordspear has also horizontal R2s when onehanded.
Was just about to mention that, yeah. Evidently, that weapon still doesn't get the love it deserves
sorry to be ''that guy'' but the dragonslayer swordspear one handed r2s are halberd r2s whereas the partizan has its own unique r2s. its a small difference but they are not the same.


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Fixed sharp and heavy +10 infusions, were originally saying 199 physical damage which is wrong
Why are sharp and heavy damage so high? I thought infusing it lowered the base damage, but its raised in this case?
The Guy below you probably only accounted the damage with the scaling bonuses and not the weapon base damage


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Fixed sharp and heavy infusion back to 199 because scaling bonuses were accounted in the previous edit



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This thing is quite the “hidden” gem, I knew it was in the game but I didn’t realize i never found it until i think the fourth time I started a new save and happened to notice it. Great weapon for sharp infusion, and has a good weapon art. I need to mess around with it more to see how the hyper armor is, not sure if it has any.
Doing a For Honor Valkyrie cosplay with this weapon
Perchance a partizan pokes a player, perniciously puncturing the poor person's pantaloons?

People perusing this page, ponder this my plea: partake of proper parrying!