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I respec'd and put 70 odd into luck. Combined with gsr+3, 2 CS rapiers, SoAverice and coins: my luck was in the 500s but drops still far to infrequent to warrant the time and effort invested.
I neglected to add, this was farming for SMedallions in Lotheric Castle.
Just use 100% drop rate from that CE table.
Give me the table.Now.
ooooo i take this game very seriously and this comment has ruined my entire week. downvoted...
Rip ps4 (me) and Xbox players
This dropped on the third try with 575 item discovery
I legit just got it twice in a row
Whats a "good enough" item discovery stat? im at 265 atm, venturing the Catacombs soon ^^



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I figure you're long past this comment being useful to you but in case anyone else is wondering the same thing, it really doesn't matter much unless you're farming items, particularly the covenant items.
300 is a decent item discovery, 350+ is recommended for farming covenant items.
Will this help me to farm titanite scales from the ring knights? I will be using mimic head, ss +3 and cs sword. How often will i get them?
You are supposed to use the gold serpent ring not the silver one. However I think it will be faster if you farm souls from the Lothric Knight Right next to the Lothric Castle Bonfire. No need to kill the other Knight close by. It'll be faster if you kill him, run back, sit on the fire and kill him again. Equip the Silver Ring +3, Shield of Want on the off hand, Mimic Head and switch your main hand to Medicant Staff after you kill him but before you get the souls. You can farm over 200K souls in 10 minutes with this, and buy the Scales from Shrinemaiden 20K each. You can also equip the gold ring and sell the extra items you get for more souls.
The best way to farm anything in the game is to repeatedly kill the three winged knight guards atop lothric castle (before the giant staircase leading to twin probes). The best way to kill them with almost no hassle is to use rapport, a pyromancer spell obtained from Karla. This will make the knights kill one another Be sure to wear the right soul farming gear and you’ll rack up hundreds of thousands of souls in minutes. Then buy scales from the handmaiden lol
Farming souls to buy upgrade mats is fine, but infusion gems have to be farmed via drops, ofc. If you wanna play around with all the weapons in the game, you'll have to farm a looooot of gems.
This help thank you
Too many people are impatient farmers/grinders. They expect quick, easy results. It takes some time and effort, sure, but farming is not some terrible, morale destroying thing in this game. Here's a list of rare drops I successfully farmed in three different character playthroughs, early-game, with only 310 Item discovery: - 30 Swordgrass - Iron Round Shield - full Cathedral Knight item set (armor and weapons) - thrall axe and flamberge (hollow slave drops) - falchion - full Darkwraith item set (armor and weapon) - Evangelist mask and weapon (also her other crap, but who uses that*****e) This is all before killing Abyss Watchers, so this is before I could even use the gold serpent ring. Tips to make farming sessions more interesting: - have a covenant mutliplayer item equipped while you do it (Farron/Sentinel/Darkmoon/Aldrich, depending on your SL), so that you'll be periodically summoned for some PvP. Obviously it'll make the farming itself take longer, but the overall gaming session will be more entertaining while you're 'working' for the items - use the farming session to practice a skill (e.g. parrying) or to become more familiar with an unfamiliar weapon's move-set spacing and combos
i do that alot but its just really painfull to farm the crow's scyth even if ive done 3 times now
Nah, ***** that. If you're on PC just use item gib through cheat engine, it's completely safe and you're not giving yourself an advantage whatsoever, as long as you use it for non-key, unapgraded items, stuff you'd have to farm otherwise. Farming is a dumb *** mechanic that contributes absolutely nothing to a game, especially not to a Souls game. Fromsoft had the perfect opportunity to not include something like farming, because the souls series has such a great way to place items in the world in specific locations, yet somehow they went with this choice since DeS. I can only assume japanese players love it or something, and those are always the ones that count in the eyes of a japanese company.
Thank you for letting us know farming isn't that bad when you have autism and doing the same thing thousands times over gives you pleasure.
This absolutely does not work for covenant items. What an elitist prick this guy is
You sound like a loser with no job or life outside of this game. Farming in PvE for hours or dealing with cancer gank squads online for one measly rare drop is terrible game design.
I think this post is succinct. find something else to do while farming, kill 2 birds, blah blah. all good points.

two pieces I'd add:
- can also farm while watching a movie/tv
- weed helps.
What happens when phantoms in party are wearing higher item discovery? Does this stat have any party functionality at all? What happens when enemies die when phantom kills enemies versus does nothing but has item discovery items on? Etc.
Only the host's item discovery is taken into account. Phantoms don't get item drops, and the game doesn't check for Phantom ID level.