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Pay no heed to the literal tigrex in its maw
It's Dodogama...
I beat him solo after like 40 tries over the span of half a year, went from the insect glaive(which i got him to roughly 8% hp till i used my last cart), to the lance(which was god awful and i couldn't get him out of phase 2 with) to using the heavy bow gun and clusterbombing him to death. I've literally killed every other arch tempered elder dragon in the game before I got this monstrosity downed. I soloed him in like 29 minutes and then an hour later that night I joined a party of 3 and killed him in under 17 minutes. So much easier when you don't have his aggro 24/7 and when a sns player is flashing him. My hub music is finally back to normal quick tip, sleep him in phase 1 under the boulders so you can instantly pull a quick 6k dmg on him, speeds up the fight by so much to the point where you can actually skip most of phase 2. I stupidly didn't use this method in my run which is why I had only 6 minutes left before the quest failed
Aye bruh what u play on
Funny, I was just sitting a minute ago thinking "Man, if I can solo every archtempered including nerg then I should be able to get by doing standard behemoth solo without too much trouble, right?" Unfortunately I got my fill of losing 1/2 the missions I went on in groups because of teammates taking up all 3 faints in the original Monster Hunter on PS2 then later the Wii, so I think I'll just have to do without and let behemoth be (hemoth).
that is because this monster doesnt change its stats depending on the number of players you have in party, so when you are soloing him its as if you had 3 afk players in base instead of you being alone
Does anyone know how I can get the dragon soul kinsect? I saw someone using it and I wonder if it's an armor effect now or an actual kinsect you can create or get as a reward
Dragon Soul is a Kinsect gained from the Behemoth quest line, ending with the quest "He Taketh It With His Eyes". It can be upgraded to True Dragon Soul using some Behe parts. It is thankfully not a visual effect from the armor itself. Be aware that, due to not having 15 speed and due to the visual effect, TDS is not suggested to use.
I need help betting this quest. I’m only level 25 and I use charge blade if anyone can help my XBL is Visi0n
maybe if ur hr is higher and u have better things u could beat it
you are way to low HR
well, if you are still up for it i migght be able to assist you fellow hunter, i have a couple Behes on my trophy table, GT: Arregaz Xbox
Ok can someone explain to me why I keep failing He Taketh with his Eye? He doesn't kill me, he just brings down the meteor and then Duty Failed. Is there a reason he casts it and I have to kill him beforehand?
It is not written in this article, but the last zone is a damage check. This zone is always the same amount off time (probably 5 mins, I don't know the numbers). After this amount of time, he drops the Ecliptic Meteor. Immediately after, either you did enough damage and he dies or you did not and you failed the mission.
Why do you think you aren't being killed when he nukes the entire map with an ecliptic meteor? lol.
*****Bulge insect glaive
Uwu wots this
does anyone else agree with me that Monster Hunter World should do a collab with Dark Souls 3 where the monster you have to slay is Darkeater Midir
I mean... have you fought Xeno'Jiiva? She has the same Lazer beam as Mirdir. Just she's much brighter and younger. However it would be a cool Nega'jiiva type of deal if they did that
It'll just be pandering, not to mention fanfic level predictable...
Behemoth is eating Deviljho. Look they have spikes.
he's eating a dodogama.
can you solo him now with master rank gear?
You could always solo him. It's just easier now.
05 Feb Anon plays stupid. Love those fuc*ers here. NO you still can't! At least not if you don't get some super heavy late game builds from youtube exactly polished to fight solo gigantic monsters like him but if that would have been an option for you your could have accomplished that in MHW already. (Anon do you see how I phrased that? The right way?) Problem are as always: his horns, his glitched storms and his non blockable attacks if you lack guard up. Glad I could help.
He has too much health, with the time limit its likely you'll time out if you do t have a partner