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This is NOT the leshen you fight as Geralt. Just had to throw that out there. Geralt Leshen is cake compared to this.
This tbh, Leshens in TW3 are honestly a *****ing joke, this thing kicked my ***.
I really love how even after platinum and hundreds of hours in, this game still finds the ways to hand my butt to me lel
pretty much a dark souls boss but mhw
what a terrible luck i had with this guy last hunt on pc. usual 4 hunters, I was using GS and melee-ing him together with a LS hunter. AL dude targeted both of us for his slow surprise root sprout attack and we were really close to eachother. mitigate tackle both of the root attacks with 75-80% hp due to the birds. ded with 3hp decos + 489 def + mega armorskin.
Had him dead to rights for the best part of 30mins... Only for two of my laggard team to get carted out of nowhere, followed by me (HBG) getting vine-trapped (because we were two short), and no one to bother help me... Game over. >_>
i once went on an ancient leshen hunt and i don't know if i had a god on my team but we killed it in 6 minutes.
Ancient Leshen is a high rank Monster. If you and/or your team member go with "master rank" weapons then it is possible kill under 10 minutes.
imagine if there was arch-tempered master rank ancient leshen.
Dopn't give em ideas. monkaS
Oh ***** sounds like a bad idea My *** ready. @ Capcom please
Tried soloing him today, it's kind of a breeze with MR gear, his rooting attack that used to kill now does like half health so that's cool. But, he still has a ton of health, I don't think it scales for player count, I ended up running out of time in the fourth area. Didn't lose time to carts, just to having to kill the jagras. Seems doable with my unoptimized build.
Ancient leshen was designed for a 4 player squad and doesn't scale down so you are correct that their health probably seemed high.
For the amount of BS this fight is...the rewards SUCK
What***** fist of a fight, not fun and rewards are worthless