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Ahh, yes! General Kawaschnitzel (anyone who watched Chowder years ago would get the joke).
Why not change this guy's name to “Steaming Crock of Horse*****Dodge to either side, or even BEHIND him and he automatically reorients himself so he’s always facing you AND changes the trajectory of his sword on the fly - in the middle of one of his GIGANTIC sword swings. Pretty neat trick.



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Because this page is maintained by people who don't have anger issues that can easily be attributed to mental illness. That said, no one's preventing you from editing the page. Go on.
Why are you dodging, you should deflect attacks and only dodge grab attacks and stab attacks (unless you have militia counter) Never dodge in this game unless you have to or are low on posture, this isn't dark souls
Mikiri Counter* (Damn autocorrect)
Imagine dodging in Sekiro lmao
just wailed on this guy while deflecting his blows and he went down super fast
Was very easy fight when I keep dodging all his attacks and used thrust attack ( hold R1 ) afterwards.
You can cheese this guy with fistful of ash or firecrackers. Take the high ground around him until you're on top of the gate, then jump and do a stealth deathblow. Stun him with ash or firecrackers, hit him twice, quickly stun again, hit twice, repeat. Easy peasy.
Just gotta say, most people who play the game up to this point will not have fire crackers.
Firecrackers are acquired after you meet him. He's optional so you can run past him and get them, but you probably won't have them first run.
I didn't get any gourd seed in my first won fight against him... Is that normal ?
You should've which you could then take to the doctor at the dilapidated temple where she makes a 2nd one for you. Tells you that anytime you get a seed, bring it to her.