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Look at this mother****er with the two swords posing.
thinks he's so cool
I think the combo nerf was pretty deserved, and it's super hard to land the first L1 due to the movement sensitivity with these things. But gods help anyone who thinks their shield will save them from the wombo combo 9000
Metamancers scoffing at these puppies aside, they're are still scary as hell in a gank. Much easier 1v1, but then again, what ganker isn't.
Yet another weeb weapon
which means another amazing weapon
I really don't see how this is a weeb weapon. It's not like it's a filthy katana.
Katanas are not made in anime you empty skulled hollow
These bad boys used to be pretty viable in PvP, And they're still pretty amazing for PvE. But there was a time when these things were absolute monsters for both. I'd almost wager that they were viable contenders for a meta weapon. However, constant *****ing from the curved sword mains and the resulting nerfs to damage, hit registration, and stamina consumption has placed a once pretty decent weapon firmly back into irrelevancy with all the other ultra great swords. Sometimes when I'm scrolling my inventory, I see these bad boys... and shed a tear for what could have been, and the joy these weapons were in their heyday. And then I keep scrolling, find my Pontiff Knight Curved Sword and equip it, and then equip my crossbow. Crush my Red Eye Orb and snort it before disappearing into a sea of Lothric Knight Straight Swords...


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Um... They're still extremely overpowered. I don't know what you're talking about.
lag + this = ultimate cancer
lag + any hyperarmor is a nightmare lol its a viable build to just have*****ty internet at this point also these things aren't overpowered by a long shot because everyone who uses them goes for the same stupid weapon art and gets launched by anyone with a frontal cortex
It's still overpowered. In a duel anything with stomp or perseverance renders it useless, but who's still sweating over arena duels in this old *** game. Keeping track of 3 opponents while one spams this behind you is when it's overpowered.
When I was a noob, I used to hate fighting against these bad boys. (I didn't start playing until after The Ringed City DLC.) If you are like I was and you keep dying to RKPG L1 spammers, just use a weapon with perseverance. Almost any build can just throw caestus onto a free weapon slot at all times. 2 hand your caestus then just dish out two of your own L1s. I'm not exaggerating when I say this: 80-90% of the time, they won't learn their lesson and they will just keep L1 spamming, usually until they're dead. I seriously don't know what is going on in their head. "What? I didn't L1 him to death and just got punched square in the face four times instead? That's weird. Let me try again." *pow* *pow* *pow* *pow* "What? It happened again??? Surely this time he'll die." *pow* *pow* *pow* *pow* "Mmmmmm... whatever, it's not like that can happen a fourth time." *pow* *pow* *pow* *death*
To clarify, L2 BEFORE you L1 twice with your caestus. Perseverance is a weapon art that gives you hyper armor and defense for a few seconds. Just in case any newfriends thought it was a passive ability. Also, you'll be hitting them four times because each L1 is a two-hit combo while two handing the caestus.



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Yeah it's simple and easy....until I get you.
yeet skeet speedrun this game ez game lol xd lulkek
wait a minute is that a jojo reference
I wish there was a single version of this, that you can two hand
Yeah but I think when your one handing it it looks awesome
The closest thing I can think of is Lorian's GS