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Either I'm blind or people are too focused on PvP.
As a PvE lover, I would like to know how this weapon fares in PvE.
I know for a fact I'm not the only PvE fan.

So it's kind of astounding to see every complaint against this thing be in reference to its results in PvP. A lot of weapons are terrible in PvP, it's why there's this thing called "meta". You use the weapons that are popular in meta because they're the best for pvp at the time.

So my question is, how good is this weapon for PvE? Is it fun to use? Is the moveset fun-looking? Does it deal decent damage to PvE enemies? I'd like to know. Cause so far all I've seen are a bunch of people complaining about it not being viable in PvP, which, again, "not viable in pvp" can be used to describe TONS of weapons in this game.
CMS is best used on a DEX/INT build to back up sorceries, it can sneak by those pesky high magic resistant shields, and essentially acts as a lighter, but somewhat weaker Moonlight Greatsword in curved sword form. You would be better off infusing another curved sword, like the Scimitar or Carthus Curved Sword with crystal to take better advantage of their good damage and/or bleed effect.
Its not just about PvP my friend, this weapon is ultimately underwhelming, especially for PvE as you have to go at least mid-game to even attempt to get it, late game if you want to complete another PvE questline, and then the upgrade path makes it pretty expensive all for poor damage overall. Split damage suffers in PvE too, if you haven't learn that yet, this weapon will surely teach you with how you fight numerous bosses and enemies that are resistant to either magic damage or "slash" damage type. Manually aiming the Crescent Blade weapon skill isn't worth the low damage it dishes out or the slow startup of the attack. Not to mention it doesn't travel very far for a projectile either. There's plenty of weapons in the game already that deals a mixed damage type of physical and magic. This weapon is the weakest of them and has the least strengths over its weaknesses.
Because PvE is designed to be played with whatever you like. It doesn't matter what you choose because you will adept eventually anyway. Thats why there is no point in discussing it. But if you must know no this weapon isn't the best. By far. no range, no damage, it's not fast and it has no bleed nor elemental damage. It's a gimmick, not even a niche weapon.
Because you can use anything in PvE and succeed. Because the game is easy as *****ing piss. In PvP, that is the opposite.

If you're playing this game only for PvE. Why? It's awful outside of the Ringed City.
Gotta love the Dark Souls community. "BuT iF It'S nOT ThE MeTa I dOn'T cARe ABoUt iT"

To be honest it does will In PvE in my experience. It's reliable and teaches you to be quick on your feet, not to mention that weapon art does fair magic damage to most enemies. It's a worthwhile PvE weapon. I like it personally.
I do not know if anyone has tried to use this weapon with heavier armor, but I tried to use it on a Flynn build and I have to say it is pretty tough. I tried to push the AR of this weapon as far as it could go without being too squishy (40 dex/int, with ~22 weight) and managed to get 429 AR with it. The range while two handing is terrible compared to other curved swords and I found myself using the one handed move-set because it not only reached further but the damage was also comparable, effectively making two handing only useful for the weapon art. Maybe with a weapon art shield this weapon can be better, but in my eyes it simply hits too much like a wet noodle and doesn't take advantage of the stat investment for a weapon that a crystal longsword can do its job infinitely better.
What soul level ?
I'd suggest avoiding this thing, generally. Its base damage and scaling are quite bad on both sides (it also gets no benefit from two-handing, since it has no strength scaling) and it has pretty terrible reach. A buffed/infused (Carthus) Shotel will do everything it can do, and will reliably output more damage. If you want a physical/magic hybrid weapon with a projectile WA, Greatsword of Judgement is a much better choice. Heck, you'd probably be better off smacking foes with an Izalith Staff or Murky Longstaff. As someone who likes intelligence hybrid builds, this was a major disappointment. This goes for PvE and PvP. Its one boon, sneaking around shields, is negated by the fact that no 100% magic resist shield exists, so some magic damage will go through anyways with one of the other, superior magic damage weapons. I generally feel that underused weapons can be fun or niche or don't deserve their status, but after trying to use this for half a playthrough, I never want to pick it up again.
"A buffed/infused (Carthus) Shotel will do everything it can do," Except shooting awesome sword beams.
This pairs really well with moonlight gs
But why?
What could make this weapon worth using? Why not make it's dexterity scaling contribute to magic damage, AND boost its speed a tad.
That makes sense or maybe buff the magic damage and add a stronger shield piercing effect that also works with the magic damage from the beam
Doesn't deal a lot of damage compared to most other curved swords, but it works really well as an offhand weapon when invading. It's weapon art is very effective for players with low health trying to run away to heal.
too op pls nerf



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40 DEX / 40 INT

Crescent Moon Sword = 412 ( 224 + 188 )
Falchion "Best Curved Sword with Crystal infusion with the status above" = 488 ( 209 + 279 )
Carthus Curved Sword "Lowest AR with the status above" = 452 ( 192 + 260 )

This weapon has the highest physical AR among all other Curved Swords when you infuse them into Crystal with the status above

Totally worth!!!
I hope that was sarcasm since why would a person care for the physical damage if they're infusing a weapon for the intent on dealing magic damage This Crescent Moon Sickle Jr fails at doing what it is suppose to be.
I like it. I mean is my off hand while using the moonlight .innate piece is nice when fighting a monster or magic parry.
the hope of an intelligent build is to make up for weak physical damage with high magic damage, most of the damage intelligence builds put out is magic damage, not physical.
Is Is bountiful sunlight worth finishing the quest
Not really. Everything else? Yeah. But it's better just to consume the Soul.


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Nah you get 5k souls anywhere
you need it to get platinum
This questline gives you red eye orb, red soapstone, re-specing, leonhards set, leonhards weapon, bountiful sunlight, xanthous crown and heysel pick, and armor of thorns set. Its literally the only quest worth doing start to finish.
Personally, I'd say it is. It's a good miracle to keep up a sleeve to allow much longer expeditions without draining Estus as fast, and makes for a good reserve in quiet areas (Elevators, etc)
Its a very powerful healing spell, so if you want that then yes