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Vow of silence does not, i repeat, Does Not work on angels
Is there any way to edit the article? The fourth angel is nowhere near unkillable, so I don't know where you guys pulled that out of. It's driving me crazy. No host =/= unkillable angel, you plebs
anyone just pop them with great bow arrows,do what ya need,say hi to the summoner and enjoy a fairly safe area?
Great Soul Dregs, Bellowing Dragon RIng, Murky Longstaff (off hand) +10, Lothric Warbanner (main hand), does 600 damage a shot using weapon arts
ok heres a bug i encountered after i wiped out all 3 angels in on rush through i used homeward bone to bonfire and another angel appeared a 4th one! in the dreg heaps but there was no summoner nor i killed the old pilgrim hag... so i boned back to shrine leveled up and came back to the area to see there was no angel..! so for those who encounter a 4th spawned agreesive angel and havent killed the woman at the very start just tp to firelink shrine and back it will remove the angel
that angel is the old woman
Leave it to Dark Souls to make angels freaky.
I really like the idea that the darklurker from ds3 is related to angels, add some more depth to the lore, and makes you wonder about their worshippers. And IF true is the darklurker the true form of an angel or a corrupted one, or maybe just a different kind, or some mutation
Darklurker was also tied to the abyss chasm areas, and had a full suite of chaos and dark attacks. Hmm
If you don't have the vigor to risk dodging, try using a greatshield to block the beams. It works well, at least if you can face towards the angels while moving.
Try (Great) Magic Shield & Lingering Dragoncrest ring too
Maybe mention the location of all the tree-like pilgrims?
I used Young White Branch, the angel will completely ignore you. It was funny af running around as a pillar.