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lol comment section is full of retards
My Indian heritage named me "He Who Poops By the River". Can you guess why?
It will happen to you too.
For people coming back from ds3, ds2 online matching is based on soul memory. Every foe you kill, you gain soul memory increased. If a guy keeps playing the game for 300hrs, he/she can never be matched online with another guy for 100hrs. So the ring is a kind of hotfix, it puts stop for obtaining further soul memory. Most PvP players use this ring when they are at Level 150-200 for skill play.
This whole soul memory system is ****. Makes it almost impossible to play archer-type builds because you constantly have to buy ammo and since you need to farm souls for it your soul memory constantly goes up.

It also causes a terrible imbalance. Every time you die without collecting your "lost souls" your soul level increases without you actually having the souls.

I hate the ds2 Matchmaking.
Lol, who the ***** plays an archer in Dark Souls?
It says the ring was added with sotfs edition, it was in base game DS2 before the first dlc came out. Lol.
Whoever put the comment below mine needs to shut up or piss off.
sotfs changed its text due to several sotfs items revolving around straid, i think its flavor text was changed on sotfs release
Does this ring still function if Broken?
well... no. like any broken ring. but you can ask the blacksmith in majula to repair it.
can't ask the blacksmith to repair it if you have no souls lol
But if it's broken you can then earn more souls. Biggest question is how can it ever break before more important things need repairing at a fire or with powder or spells?
to me says "no text" in the rings name and description
its always been a **** mechanic. considering how ppl on any souls game can easily find ways to become op, all this does it prevent you from playing on the same character if you rely on resources like archers and mages, while it wastes a ring slot on all chars. fingers crossed one day a version comes out with it removed. it doesn't stop op melee chars from being made, so why bother? now I've gotta rush to Straid just so I can help people kill the very first 2 bosses on a low lvl char when I feel like it?... jesus.
game was doomed before anyone even played it to find out it was the **** in the series.

I'm only playing again because of nostalgia, but it's like they don't want you to keep playing. :/
"They dont want you to keep playing." Who is forcing you to play online? Unless you need the help of phantoms, then you shouldn't be playing at all.
on top of everything else this failure of a game is compared to its others in the series, now you can have an entire character ruined by someone throwing acid at you too many times, on too many occasions. if it happens to you, just hope they don't kill themselves "for you" aswell.
If you are in ps3 of ps4 you can back up your save
did that happen to you? Good!
Nope, pervert tree fixes broken equipment. Go to shulva and whip it.
lmao they had to add an entire item to try to "fix" their*****ty game HAHAHAHA
Alright, calm yourself.
I prefer to use this item for base level runs. I get all the expendable resources + weapon upgrades I will need with the 30k souls, and make it all last as long as possible. it is difficult, but I've beaten this game twice like that.
Then you woke up
Lol its so sad that they added soul memory to prevent people from twinking then they added this ring defeating the purpose of soul memory
>comment dated 2019 >still doesn't know the purpose of soul memory agape ring combo This is basically the best of both worlds, people can still have twink characters, but they have to put a small amount of thought and effort towards it because they both need to get the ring and plan their souls and don't have easy access to infinite consumables like greatarrows and acid urns and resins. Which naturally makes many low effort kiddies angry and keeps the amount of twinks in check. The lack of an infinite invasion item is really what discourages twinking. Having to farm those mummy doods with the halberd that you can't get in hunstman's copse....oof. Overall DS2 system is the only one that makes twinks actually fun to have because not every child has one. Demon souls, DS1, DS3, even bloodborne (to a lesser extent due to weaker magic) are overrun with babby's first twink build. Meanwhile I've literally only ever seen two twinks around my DMG in the forest of fallen giants/tower of flame.
DS3 twinks aren't really twinks. Weapons are scaled down. Any advantage they get is minor for the most part. There are some things that make them more dangerous, but it's nothing amazing.
It’s funny how stupid that anon was. He didn’t seem to understand that the only reason soul memory was implemented even though it only makes things worse was too prevent twinking. Then they made a ring that allows twinking. The point of the post was that their shouldn’t be any twinking and then anon went on to say that it’s actually good becase it allows twinking.
the best game for twink builds is ds2 indeed,the agape ring is very helpful,they implemented soul memory but the twinking is out there ready to go