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I was a wimp before Large Club! NOW I'M A JERK AND EVERYBODY LOVES ME!!!
yo you go veiny or hairy???
This is another weapon that should never be Raw infused, choose Heavy instead even when meeting only the minimum requirements. Why they couldn't balance such a simple thing is beyond me.
Why do you get this literally 15 minutes before the great club? Kind of a bad choice
Should only be wielded if you're in loincloth with nothing else for armour. More facial + chest hair is advised.
In case you wanted great club slightly earlier and slightly worse
Daniel: Large Club. The Cooler Daniel: Great Club.
Infused on fire this weapon is the 2nd with high AR, 529, with clutch ring 570, with Lloyd 627. The first place is Great Mace with 590. Fire infusion is great on this weapon and you can stunt certains enemies with fire.