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"Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin: In the room next to the movable portcullis, where you can summon Lucatiel of Mirrah." Where you could summon Lucatiel in vanilla DS2, yes, but in SotFS her sign is moved to the docks just before the ship. If you know where Lucatiel used to be summoned, that's where Gavlan now is. Don't go looking for him on the docks where Lucatiel's sign is now because he won't be there.
Gavlan wants souls
I accidentally killed him thinking he was a mini-boss in no-mans wharf at level 16... I feel sad, he sounded great :(
.#1 waifu. Many deals have I wheeled with this hero
He died at some point on mine,I'm gonna miss him,when I went to the last spot,he wasn't there,has this happened to anyone else?
He’s surrounded by those statues that spit poison knives at you in the room in Doors of Pharros, and only sells poison stuff. Could Gavlan be engineering the statues?
Interesting theory, and maybe not just Gavlan but the Gyrm in general? Not sure, but the black gulch does have a Mines of Moria vibbe. Except ionstead of a balrog they found the rotten?
Vibe* Instead* XD
Gavlan best souls character ever
Marginally better than throwing stuff away. Can't resist those borderline insulting lowball pawnshop deals? Broken grammar got your interest? Or maybe you just love to poison things while maintaining a safe distance? *NO PERSONAL CHECKS*
I try to sell my stuff as fast as possible because of the absolutely disgusting sound Gavlan makes when he gulps his drink. Ugh.....I can't be the only person who notices!?
I can listen to it all day long, makes me horny
^^^ hell yeah brother
Still better than Frampt in the first game :D