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I need this for my faith build but damn this will hurt my fashion souls
Remember, it only boosts magic damage, not lightning
It won't do anything for your faith build at all
niggаs dunno those faith builds can be quiet effective with magic with that faith staff
Just go to Rosaria and remake your character into the cute anime girl you've always wanted to be
Does this work like the blindfold mask where if it breaks you only get -15% to magic but the buff stays?
That's just a display error. You can see you are still getting the full negative effect from the Mask broken or unbroken in the status tab.
Does it affect darkmoon blade?
The fact that these two responses are a minute apart is *****ing hilarious. Lmao
Can someone drop me this and the Young Dragon Ring pls
lol git gud
*laughs in pure melee INT build*
Doesn't work with dark spells
On a game with no compass you should say left or right when exiting a door not northwest there is no bearing.
Does the damage buff apply to pyromancies?