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"If you destroy the third eye this attack will be canceled." I dont think so. Watched some videos and uses beam although third eye been destroyed.
I hate this guy, I've been stuck for two days
Git gud
If you manage to scare Tatarimoke away (twice) on the way to the boss arena his Anima is halved. Not sure if this is a good thing as fighting him in the dark realm is a nightmare. Also in NG+ I destroyed 3/4 of his health with the Otakemaru soul core ability. That fight was over rather quickly.
anima not halved but a quarter of
Resistances : Poison LOL I guess this poor bastard didn't plan around someone specializing in poisoning than because I've Kept his poisoned for entire fights and just rekiteded his hps to Zilch
From mine 4 day's experience resistances reduce damage or chances to get given status effect by 10-40%. Simply put game dislikes idea for punishing players for their builds.
Shuriken are really good at smashing his eyes. If you have the ability to spam shuriken, you can take out two of his eyes before he even does his first attack.
This is the only boss yokai who won't drop his soul core for me. It's kind of annoying.
Same. Not that it's at all important, but it's the one thing keeping me from getting the platinum trophy achievement for the game.


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Also found in Island of Monsters (Twilight Mission)