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Hey Yhorm - word of advice? If you come into ownership of the only weapon that can smack you around don't leave it laying around and then walk away from it leaving it unguarded. Just saying if you do people will soon start calling you Yhorm the Dumbarse.
It was literally ststed in the lore that he left the stormrulers to humans so that they felt safer around him.
Keep in mind he wanted to die showed by the lack of his greatshield, the fact he had a promise with Siegbro to kill him should he fail his duty... I think it's because everything and everyone burned around him last he linked the bonfire.
Why the hell can't you sell these? I have four now. I'm not General Grevious. I don't have more then two arms.
A fine addition to my collection~ But seriously, you can put them into your home bonfire's item keeping menu.
Ahh yes, the negotiator
Stop picking up stuff from Siegward's corpse or the corpse by the throne? Seems so simple, yet...
how meta
Yhorm is the last of his kind. Storm ruler won't work on anything else. Yes it is useless
Fight me bro.
galaxy brain here forgot about the giant slaves
It doesn't work on normal giants *
Anything I can do to make the storm charge faster?
Don't suck.
As a note, you MUST charge for the entire duration to use the weapon art. It's about 4 seconds, and you can't charge it up in pieces in between running around. This makes using it in P2 extremely difficult. There's really only 1 attack combo Yhorm uses that gives you time to use it if he gets moving again.
It's not difficult at all, I could beat Yhorm with my left nut and win without getting hit
I mean just stay under his legs - he can literally never hit you. Move forward to go to his backside when he starts swinging so you don't get caught by weird hitboxes.
Thanks for this! I was curious about that myself. I had been trying to charge it in small bursts
Ah, thanks. I needed 100 of these upgraded 47 times.
I still love using this weapon. Looks cool, especially with the wind effect. Wish the durability was a bit higher but is enough for PvP, just carry a few repair powders in case of fight clubs.
I have messed around with the buff on a few enemies, and I think the storm increases the weapons hitbox but not by much. Can’t say for sure if it’s just a fluke or not.



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If you can get past the weaker damage and have the ability to stay in stock of repair powder, this sword will serve you well. At the end of the day, it is still a greatsword, good reach, high non-scaled base damage, WA has high damage when done close range. I wish it costs less stamina per swing for its weight and its WA had a bit less ending lag, but being a fan of the Storm Ruler since Demons Souls, I cant get myself to unequip it despite it's obvious shortcomings.
Can you actually hit enemies with WA other than Yhorm? If yes, does it do a good damage? I mean either pvp or pve