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I found a switchglaive not listed here called Evil-crusher Switchglaive. It has Imbue Purity +10.
Sasayuki has water element
In the newest Demo Trail... the Switchglaive is Scaled with Magic B+ , Skill C & Strength C.... how is it Constitution ? Or they have changed it lately?
I know it does "switch" forms, but I feel like, with the magic scaling, they missed an opportunity to name this a "witchglaive." I think that would've been cooler.



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There's no witches as such, in Japanese mythology, it wouldn't make any sense.
That... Honestly makes no sense and isn't really cool. Magic=Witch?
No Lightning switchglaive in the game ???
There is. Raijins claw
Can also temper imbue lightning on to the Aberrant Switchglaive.
There is the Raijins Claw switchglaive that come with lightning every time and the black lotus you get from Minton training in the dojo
Mumyos training sorry for autocorrect
You're missing the Phoenix wing purity switchglaive
Where you get the smithing text please ?
From the Final Boss.
You can also Farm the Pheonix Wing from Revanents , i got Seething Dragon from Otakemaru as Divine ( Green ) while the Text could be Farmed , however farming Revanents alafter the End Game they also drop Divone Gear & many other Divine Weapons ( Including any Switchglaive depending on your luck )
Watatsumi*s Watch is missing
Where do you get raijins claw ?
I got it from the Switchglaive Dojo quest
Shuten doji drops it
I honestly got it from Tokichiro Boss fight in ( Cherry Blossom in Daigo Mission ) where you have to face Kashi Koji after defeating Tokichiro , Tokichiro drops it easier i think , and*****en Doji prolly drops it too
Hey does light armor go well with Glaives ?
I would suggest Medium Armor on switchglaives ( However , i'm rocking a Mixture of Medium & Heavy armor ) for better Toughness , the Light armor is more focused on Kusarigama & Dex Builds enjoy