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Anything can be parried if you hack.
Anything can be parried if you git gud
No it can’t, two handed great clubs,great swords and great axes cannot be parried in most circumstances
put on a thrall hood and play the bomb remix for extra parry skillz
I went from novice to expert for parrying in Dark Souls 3, I started with the buckler on glass canon mage. He saved my life several times. And now I can parry even weapon arts or bosses, with standard Shields, katanas, etc. Despite being a huge user of parrying, I agree with the post. When you know this move, and notably if you have high health, big defense, the risk to try a parry becomes low and the reward is really high, even without hornet ring. It's almost an automatic win, it breaks the game honestly. And to be fair, this is the only easy-to-win skill in the game. Builds with big weapons or high magic spells required a particular allocations in stats to deal huge damages. Glass canons build are really risky. Conversely, parry requires no particular stat, a caestus in left hand for example and you can parry anything and anyone : this is game Breaking. I try myself to reduce my use of parry, to be fair with the opponents, and the fights are way funnier since i do this. The same goes with rolling, when you know the rolls, youre almost invincible specially in PVE (in PVP not, "thanks" to lag). I think that parry frames and i-frames of rolling (why not also the amplitude of the angle allowing backstab) should have been Under he influence of your luck points or dex maybe. It would have been more balanced. Hope Fromsoft will think about that for Elden ring.
not at all, if you watch people who plays in tournament, you will know why I say this. Check out BathedinBrena on youtube. Like u said, during the beginning parry is good, that's because there's shield ring. In duels, fking up one parry means others are not worth it anymore. Latency or lag spike can fk up ur parry too. It is just not worth the risk. Do you want to decide a win or loss with a chance based strat? It's not fun for me, and for most people too, you are better off go gambling instead. Not only that, fking up one parry means enemy getting at least 1 R1 R1 combo, and may potentially rollcatch. Of course they will keep the pressure too, if you roll carelessly, you will get rollcaught. Unless u have a good weapon that can keep enemy out of the small melee range with it's roll attack or quick R1/WA. In invasions, parrying gives the host advantage cuz reasons that everyone already knows. Like someone said in the past, invaders is supposed to be a mob in ds3....So yea... It's balanced imho
There's also the dead angle*****s. For fast weapon it's unreactable. There are also attack like LKS 2h r2 or Claymore 2h r2 that allows free directional change throughout the animation. Well, my point is just this, don't rely on luck, you should win with your skill. Go for parry only when u see the pattern(best with full health +lloyd shield). Otherwise, pivot bs, roll bs, and all those bs are far more reliable.
I'm on NG+5 and still can't parry anything
Parryin is absolutely obviously broken. Not just due to fire daggers & hornet ring instagib, but otherwise too. The downvotes here are telling of the hypocricy of this community. This is not opinion, but a simple statement of fact. In a typical PvP scenario person A can score 10-20 hits on person B, who's only ever doing nothing but going for the parry. And then, 5-7 estus down person B finally succeeds on completely random clutch parry, and instagibs person A. All this, with zero character point investment. Deluded people defend this by saying it's the counter to R1 spam, when R1 spam never needed a counter. You can roll out, poise through, block & roll, or gauge your own attack timing and distance better than your opponent, and ALL of that is a counter to R1 spam. Just look at the parry frames: with a basic small shield simply smashing the parry whenever your opponent is about to hit, is mathematically a 33% chance to get it right. A 33% chance, per attack, to instantly kill your opponent and deny all skill vs. skill mechanic. You could cut parry damage down to 50%, or less, of what it is now. And people would still use it. That alone should be telling. DaS3 with its stats, infusions, weapons and armor was never about balance. Most of the items the game has are borderline if not completely useless. This is what enables inventiveness to come up with great new builds and powerful combinations. It's a good thing, all in all. But sadly, the result is that some few properties are completely out of balance to the point of being game destroying. Parry is among them. So much so that the game would be a lot better without parrying at all, tbh.
In case you find yourself in an invasion while on an icy floor, be sure to parry your opponent, in order to generate enough salt to make sure you don't slip and fall
I think they should have at least made parrying take a significant chunk of stamina, and perhaps for you to take greater (not less) damage when the parry is unsuccessful. That would make it a more risky and satisfying trick to pull off, and also stop people spamming it.
it drains all of your stamina the majority of the time leaving you open for a big punish. if people spam it just backstab them
I agree. Like caestus, a counter-damage-window should be open for all parrying tools while parrying. It makes sense because you expose your body during the recovery frames.
eat***** you little weasel
If someone spam it and you fall for its only your fault, so..
2 hand ult greatsword attacks arent parryable, but weapon arts are ok that makes sense
rolling and running attack of ultras are also parriable.
I have destoyed so many parryers


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Onikiri and Ubadachi can not parry, along with the other mentioned katanas, correct?
any katana that has hold can parry
Katanas with the Hold Skill combined with a Strong Attack (L2+R2) will perform a parry.
don't laugh but is scared flame work with hornet ring?
While it is affected by the critical bonus from Demon's Scar, it is unaffected by the hornet ring.
Hornet Ring only affects weapons
This mechanism - that clearly is meant only for weaklings - needs to be removed from the game. Fight me casuals.
Totally agree, and the animation looks dumb, same with backstab
It discourages other scrubby spammy tactics. Play smart and parrying isn't an issue ya casual
Casul gonna hate