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Duuuuuuude Mumkey TCOH shield in REAL LIFE!!!!!
Is it best to heavy these shields because of the A scaling that they get? Also, do you have to get the entire 45 strength to be able to use them effectively even if you "two-hand" them?
You need 45 strength to you them, even while two-handing. I believe this is because it’s a paired weapon


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For any paired weapons in DS3 you are able to use them two-handed if your strength * 1.5 satisfies the requirement, although the the AR displayed in game shows as if it has downscaled. Tested with 40 str, two-handed gaint door shield deals 180 dmg on hollows outside the firelink shirne which is significantly higher than the displayed AR 116 on the character panel.
The useful version of orma and reeve's shields from ds2
I can't believe we got these instead of dual wield greatswords...
Ringed knight paired greatswords.
The ringed Knight paired greatswords are "greatswords" name wise , but they are ultra greatswords , we needed something faster not thoese snail weapons.
Door shield>paired greatswords


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When "does not open from this side" evolved
Do these also apply for the 1.5x strength when two-handed?
I think it doesn't work, like twin swords
It does not apply to dual weapons since you have 2 weapons seperately.
I wish others can just have a option when you are blocking to "open door" I mean if our protagonist can open doors twice the size of them then why can't we just open it?
because it would give infinite door i-frame capabilities
"Does not open from this side"
Dont use wa s r2. It locks you in place and gains 100% all absorption at the cost of fp, but you re vulnerable from the sides and stability doesnt gain any bonus, so when you get guard-broken, you ll receive double damage from whatever the shield was blocking before.
It's not bad at guarding against magic spammers though. Baits them into getting closer and there's an initial stagger if you land the block with them nearby that allows you to dodge out if you regret your decision.
Best weapon in DS3. Use heavy or refined infusion depending on your build. Always 2hand. The only attacks you should be doing are the L1 combo, the WA R1, rolling R1, and running R1. I usually use the Ethereal Oak Shield offhand for health regen. Your only weakness is fire damage.