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One annoying fukker...
I’ve started calling him Bagels
My first introduction to him had the most cinematic and badass seen possible, as I was fighting a high rank anjanath in the wastes, when I saw scales drop, I looked up and the most badass pose happened while prepping to dive, and he helped me against the anjanath the whole time.
Your not just lucky mate, your an f'in legend. Not only did you get the best cinematic in the universe, but you didn't die by the b-52 bomber. Although I do want to know, was it your first encounter with him?
The fist one I saw bombed a jyuratodus I was fighting (which scared the crap out of me,( because I couldn't see it, it just made everything go boom) , then it swooped down from the sky and went into a turf war with the jyura, (which looked awesome, btw) and then I came after me. While I was still in the water. Just starring at the cool new monster that makes explosions. And then it bombed the crap out of me. :)
Beetleqeuse vibes
My friend calls bazelgeuse a grumpy pinecone.


Battle Tested

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Wait till he/she/they see Seregios.
DonutDuck inbound
Remember that time we didn't appreciate Bazel enough and he got really mad and decided he'd stick to the Recess so that no one ever fought him?
Damn boozledouche, the stealth bomber of the new world.