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What I wonder is WHO wore the armor originally.
It was the Old Dragonslayer in Dark Souls 2, which isn't Ornstein since you find us armor in archdragon peak
There's a theory that the armor belonged to Havel
I heard about that it was a guard of the king, but he fell hollow after the king has gone mad
A Dragonslayer. We don't actually know. It's not the Old Dragonslayer from DS2 because the helmet looks nothing like his.
Which would imply that either the Old Dragonslayer bossfight is non-canonical or Ornstein is practically immortal, surviving both Dark Souls 1 and 2.
What I find weird though is that its meant to be the same armor from Lothric, but very old. So is the ringed city in the far future or something?
they didnt gave you his armor so you CAN FIGHT HIM IN THE *****ING RINGED DLC YEAH BABY *****ING FROMSOFTWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It’s chill the one in the ringed city is a walk in the park
Too salty!
the maniacal grin on the helmet reminds me a lot of chester’s set from ds1
The dlc version keeps blocking or trying to spam me into the ground
It’s okay to ask for help
The Saltslayer returns! Now complete with armor made of salty tears.
not 44 poise
Firelink Helm + Iron Dragonslayer Armor + RKPGS = straight up fashion
Who designed this page? The values are likely wrong. 44.4 poise for 35.7 weight would make this by far the best poise-to-weight ratio armor in the entire game by a large margin. But * lists it as only having 38.1 poise for 36.4 weight, which while still among the top tier armors, is much more in line. So let me take a wild guess... which page often has factually incorrect information but is time and again the top Google search result... hm, I think it's Fextra! Get your act together.
It looks like "theappraiser99" input the incorrect values, according to the revision history. Can we just get rid of this person? No information is better than incorrect information.
the amount of poise you gain gets smaller so if you put on a yhorm's great shield you will get 45 poise but if you already have some poise you won't get 45 you'll get less depending on how much you have
It looks like a diplocaulus version of Ornstein’s armour
Why in the name of Miyazaki do the leggings have toes, or is this just an extension of his feet thing?