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A particularly easy strategy for the one in Serpent Shrine for me was to use a Yashariku's sugar First get the butff, stealth deathblow him and then start slashing at him like no tomorrow After about 4 to 5 parries and/or hits, his posture is done
It was an awesome rescue, but one time when he was to kill me again somehow the armoured samurai from up on the bridge came all the way down the forest path and started attacking him. I managed to heal and buff up while he was distracted and still won.
the hirata estate one is a *****ing menace. a constant entourage of 3 annoying wolf body guards the he immediately refills once you kill them all. had to resort to some stinky cheese to get rid of this guy. still just a late game enemy with a more health and 2 death blows but with the added thing where he can tell the wolves to jump you while he also gets to do his thing it makes him really frustrating. one of the few weak points of this game. annoying cheesy difficulty that begs for a annoying cheesy method of destruction.
So, found out that if you run in and attack him immediately and don't give him a chance to whistle, you won't have to deal with the wolves. Just keep on him and it's easy, you just can't give him an opportunity to pull out his whistle.
You know... You have a whistle too at some point at least. Made this fight actually kinda fun
You can simply use your shuriken to prevent him from summoning the hounds.
So easy way,have 7 attack power,16 or so spirit emblems and mortal blade,as well as one Yashariku's Sugar (raises Attack and halves your HP) ,sneak attack him from behind after ingesting the sugar,than spam mortal blade,after you do it afew times ,his posture breaks
This was on the lone shadow one near serpent,The one in hiraata estate,first time run off to get the shrine,afterwards deal with the 3 big boys,and that courtyard between you and him,afterwards get him to come into the courtyard by the well you climb up,he will not attack you near and beyond the well and just defends (Blocks without defect) afterwards do what I said above to murder him,after killing the dogs of course
"Spear bearer"? also ironically Spiral Spear is pretty damn effective.
Does he drop 1 prayer bead in the memory and in the shrine respectively? Trying to make sure if i missed his bead.
I don't find him when I go to Hirata, anything I may have done wrong?
You'll find him in the second memory going for the purification ending