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Been playing since release can confirm everything is needed except dlc weapons
THANK GOD, Kalameet's tail is really, really hard to hit, so much I never actually managed to cut it. Once I ended up killing the dragon on accident while trying... I mean, Kalameet, one of the hardest bosses in the game, and I killed him by accident while trying to hit his tail, come on.
glad i had this guide for the plat, my only ball ache was Paladin Leroy and i double suicided of the cliff in Tomb of the Giants so i didn't get his gear that run
couldn´t you tecnicially farm humanity and try endless?
A bit late, but since there's a lot of questions in the comments : *You must collect all weapons with one character only, doesn't matter what your other characters have collected. *Moonlight Butterfly's soul, Queelag's soul, Iron Golem's soul and Gwyndolin's soul are needed twice each, and Sif's soul is needed 3 time, so it takes at least 3 runs to get all of the boss weapons alone. *If a player drops a boss soul to you, you can craft the boss weapon yourselfand it will still count for the achievement. Having directly the boss weapon dropped to you doesn't seem to work, it's probably safer to craft it yourself. *From what I gathered, same goes for non boss weapon, it seems you have to collect everything yourself and not have it given to you by another player. *It seems you can get rid of any weapon needed and still get the achievement, as you only have to have possessed any weapon needed at least once on the same character (I wouldn't just to be safe and to keep count of what you have already collected) *None of the DLC weapons are needed for the achievement (so no Abyss Greatsword, Dark Silver Tracer, Gold Tracer, Obsidian Greatsword, Stone Greataxe, Four-pronged Plow, Guardian Tail, Gough's Greatbow and Manus Catalyst are needed) *Demon's Catalyst and Izalith Catalysts don't seem to be needed. *Apparently some people got the achievement by having only one of the Artorias Greatsword (cursed/non cursed) but the vast majority of players have been needing both, idk why. Please feel free to add useful tips or to correct me if I'm mistaken on something.
Maybe people need these weapons for dark souls remastered, since it comes with the DLC built in? Therefore it's part of the "main game" not DLC?
Are you sure you can use others players souls?
Also, if someone drop a "normal weapon" like blacknight greatsword, does it count?
Can weapons be in the bottomless box?



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can't confirm either way, but practically speaking you can just try with having them in the box and if it doesn't work just take them out again. thats like 10 mins of work if you have all weapons ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I get achievement on Steam and all 3 boss souls from Sif are acquired (shield created as last weapon). Demon lightning spear is not required.
I guess the cursed sword was inecesary
i got this achievement on ng+. i used sifs soul for the normal sword of atorias on my first playthrough and got his great shield in the second playthrough. i didnt need the cursed sword. strange.
I've seen a pretty niche question about inventory/bottomless box allocation somewhere, maybe my answer helps someone; I just unlocked the trophy and you definitely do not need them all in your current inventory, there were several unique weapons stored away in my bottomless box when the achievement unlocked.
I have all the rare weapons, but the achievement has not been unlocked, can someone please help me?
Basically craft all weapons



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You can use frampt to get rid of any duplicate weapons to shorten your list, then go down the list one by one. Common ones to miss are both versions of the Greatsword of Artorias from the Soul of Sif, they have different descriptions and requirements; and the Black Knight weapons.
no, you need both
I already have (true) and the shield But the (cursed) one, Is it same as Abyss greatsword ? Its look same like this one
The Abyss Greatsword and cursed version looks the same but if you look at the damage and description they're different. Some people claims that the cursed version is unnecessary, but I haven't tried.