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I kinda like sending all survivors here. Sure, they get experimented upon and transformed, but they are not hostile (only temporary if you get too close to some), they are alive and safe from beasthood. And it's afaik the place with more survivors potential: Iosefka, Imposter Iosefka, Gascoigne's daughter/Yharnam girl(she dies in the way to chapel, but manages to get to clinic), arianna (and saves her the trauma of the baby), adella, sceptical man, the old woman, and even the suspicious beggar (who, being now kin and no longer a beast, does not kill anyone).
They don't attack you unless you attack them first, for the most part, Anton. ;)



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After killing Rom, the Vacuous Spider; you can hear a baby crying inside the clinic.
You can see Fake Iosefka from an angle through the lower window pane to you left when facing the door
"If the player enters this area after defeating Rom, the Vacuous Spider, Iosefka will instead be found in a non-aggressive state on a table. Killing her now will cause her to drop a One Third of Umbilical Cord consumable item." The second sentence is false in this page. Iosefka will ONLY drop the cord after killing Rom.