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There is a path north of the east exit. Lead him cross the river to complete the quest. No need to hide, just need to dodge the portal Magisters outside the fish house. Btw after completing the quest you can tell the Magisters that he has already escaped, but it seems makes no difference on result.
Just have him drink invisibility potion and walk on out. Simple.
I got hero tag after bringing him to safety. Can anyone else confirm?
Yup can confirm, got the hero tag as well at the time of this posting.
Once you talk to him inside the barrel, either "shrug and leave" or laugh at him and he'll tell you he is carrying a bomb which will update your quest. Go tell the Magister that you found him in a barrel, but however he's got explosives- (you'll get 3k exp for this). The Magister will tell you to take him out of town and "deal with him". You can then take him safety past all the guards without drawing aggro. Once safe out of town, you can get a lot of information from him. He'll also give you a source scroll and a quest reward if you let him live with 6k exp + Hero tag. If you choose to kill him you won't get any reward even if you report it as the Magisters realise he isn't the murderer. You'll only get exp from his death, but you can kill him after you've received his reward but be careful if you don't kill him quick enough he can oneshot your entire team with his explosives which he can use on your turn if he is low HP. He will saying along the lines of "You can't take me, I'll see you in the hall of echos" then blows up dealing 1k+ fire damage even on your turn. - Hope this helps
it does, thank you
An interesting find: Depending on which of the magisters you tell about the barrel, you don't get the 3k xp. I found it weird when I told the magister closest to the barrel and got no XP, so I reloaded and went to talk to the other magister who keeps climbing a ladder. With him, I got the xp, and my quest updated.
if anybody is still struggling, it's super easy. Have him follow one character, detach the other three, and send those to talk to the magister guards to distract them in conversation, then switch back to the one leading him. Head west across the river until it's finished.
Help'd him get out, kill'd him outside for 2k exp. If there is a better way to get more out of this Quest just reply to this comment.
Here's yet another quest showing how overhyped this game is. This game is not the revolutionary, genre changing event people hail it as. Specifically, the "use your imagination/wits to solve problems". Here's a solution: I have a writ of passage I could easily use to deflect any magisters who try to take him off my hands; pretending I've apprehended him and am taking him to Carver myself. Or lets make it even more simple, as the above would require extra coding. Just. Pick. Up. The. Goddamn. Barrel. With an appropriate strength, it's hardly unimaginable. They put extra work into stopping this however; even the Move option is gone. Gamers need to quit sucking this games*****and calling it Jesus. This early in a game and I'm already getting vision problems from rolling my eyes going, yeah, revolutionary...except for all the games before it that are near identical, differentiated only by the fact they did it better.
Yeah, this game isn't half as good as people say it is.
Lol what a bunch of morons. The game is fantastic. You guys are in the minority for a reason.
Considering this is one minor section of a side quest that can be completed multiple ways you're really desperate to try to make this into more of an issue than it really is XD Try playing something like Fallout 4 and compare the two and it's Godlike side by side with that trash. Would like to hear some examples of all the games before it that are near identical though as pretty sure could use the same whiney arguments about each of them.
Sounds like you don't enjoy it. Stop playing
I second and third that, that's a jerk thing to say! I don't see you developing games of this caliber. This game is fantastic, stop being such a picky twatface or don't play it bruh.
use a non main character and separate from the group, have the non main talk to the magister on the left when he reaches the top of the stairs (no the ladder). while distracted in convo, switch back to your main character with higba following and escort him down the ladder and the across the beach to the left. he should go back into a barrel and reward you.
Ah, nothing like some quiet murders down by the docks. The magister who patrols the left side climbs down the ladder from time to time. One one of those trips he got two daggers in the gut. Nobody saw nothin'.
Everytime I come to this site there is a video I cannot see playing in the back