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For those wondering about Kinsect Charge (Spirit/Power), Spirit (stamina and +50% extract duration, stacks with Power Prolonger for max 189sec) comes from slinger ammo obtained from the environment (stone, redpit, etc.) while Power (kinsect damage up) comes from slinger ammo obtained from monster drops (piercing, bomb, etc.). Weapons with the "Spirit & Strength" boost apply both Spirit and Power buffs from any slinger ammo (they share the same duration). The duration for Spirit/Power depend on the slinger ammo and are NOT affected by Power Prolonger. Here are the durations and uses for Spirit ammo: Stone(20) 75 sec, Redpit(15) 90 sec, Torch(5) 120 sec, Brightmoss(5) 120 sec, Scatternut(5) 120 sec, Crystalburst(5) 120 sec, Puddle(7) 150 sec. For Power: Dragon(7) 150 sec, Piercing(3) 300 sec, Bomb(3) 300 sec, Thorn(2) 300 sec. As you can see, Puddle is the longest Spirit ammo and Piercing, Bomb, and Thorn are the longest Power ammo (though Thorn has less uses). A 300 sec long Spirit buff can be achieved with the Spirit & Strength boost on your glaive.
Can anyone tell me the most useful insect glaives for mid-iceborne? Right now I have Rex-rod I and I'm not sure if I should stick with it until something else pops up