Smithing text for Twin Dragon Tonfa dropped for me in The High-Spirited Demon castle boss.


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I got Tobikura Kusarigama smithing text dropped by main boss & Jiro Tachi smithing text by sub boss in "The brothers' blade" mission (Shadow)
Maeda Toshiie also drops the Mataza spear armor set
Does anyone knows who drops the master swordsman heavy armor text?


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Some texts I got from farming William a few times on dream of the strong: Heshikiri Hasebe, Juzumaru Tsunetsugu, Demon God Hammer, One-Eyed Dragon's Armor, Royal Horned Helmet, Onimaru Kunitsuna, Yoshiie's Brightright Armour, Demon Maw, Raijin's Claw.
Farming Imagawa Diehard mission so far got 1 skill drop called "punish the proud" for dual swords. got Masters Bow that goes to the Golden Boy set, and 5 other yokai weapons texts: Rotten Rope Cutter (kusarigama), Bonepile Spear (spear), Weathered Bone and Bleached Twig (dual swords), Seething Dragon (switchglaive), Barbarian's Hatchets (dual hatchets). And on a side note: the guy that wears the Wild Boar Crest Helmet, Okabe Motonobu, who is also in Imagawa Diehard (the axe weilder) drops the text for that head.