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Strange, I didn't have any trouble with them in NG+, Smoug and Ornstein were way more annoying to fight solo. Didn't have the heart to face them in NG+2, though, not after getting all achievements. >_>
If you have decent enough vitality and endurance, the best tactic against this boss is to forget any tactic and go full melee berserk. Equip the toughest piece of armor your have, preferably havel's with havel's ring (your movement speed doesn't matter just keep load under 100%), get highest *****ing dps weapon and highest stability shield you have in inventory. Go to the arena and start running towards boss with shield up. Go as close as you can, apply resin to your weapon, and start whacking that *****er. Watch out only for explosions or grabs. Your high poise from armour will let you to chug estuses without getting stunned. He should get down pretty quickly. This "tactic" worked for me both in NG and in NG+, killed him on my first try in NG+.
Easiest boss in the game so far with this strategy. Just finished the fight before reading this using the 'charge the ***** in their face and just keep swinging until they die tactic'. Melted them pretty quickly without a ton of damage.
Haha all these heavy armour builds, best way is light armour, havels ring for fast roll and r rapier +14 (15 if you want to waste those slabs) on jump down power within then great magic weapon, dodge and heavy attack easily drop one king at a time ng+
i just beat it a ng+7 , no heavy armor , power within sunlight blade burst the most , you can beat 3 of them until your buffs end after that almost no hp for him , just finish while 2 handed , lv 186 ...
erratum , i was on heavy armor .
Wasting slabs? You know they drop commonly by those wraith knights in londo?
So if it's four kings why am I fighting 6 exactly?
You have to kill them as quickly as possible, as they continue to appear even after the 4th one.
Only 4 can appear at a time, but more than 4 WILL appear if you're not doing good damage, implying that, as they share a life force, that ones you've defeated are being brought back using that shared life force to fight again.
Im playing remastered on the switch, first encounter(awhile ago) on ng+ feels impossible, also what does the most damage (fire, lightning, ect.) to the 4 kings? Im get ready for a second or so try.
Fire will inflict good damage with good upgrades, especially great chaos fireball. I was going mad in NG+, it seems that the difficulty has doubled. Watch their patterns, and save your stamina by rolling at the right moment.
I wish there was more lore to these guys and New Londo in general. Then I can know why THIS SMALL *** TOWN NEEDS 4 KINGS TO RULE OVER IT.
Well, when you look from before the Catacombs entrance. You can actually see that New Londo is quite big. Or well, it looks that way from above. Check it out.
I feel like rather than 4 simultaneous kings they were maybe 4 generations of kings.
i almost beat this damn boss, but then the 3rd king went "hUrR dUrR sPaM aOe".
Try holding with both hands
do i need to be cursed to hit them?
no you don't
p o i s e b o i s
who else got completely mond*****ed by them coming toward you