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Yo attunements r op
11 int but 0 slots
Attunement and Intelligence are two different stats.
in my opinion attunement is the worst stat in the game. only limpies would ever invest in this horrible stat. the only worse stat is strength which is arguably useless overall. if you noobs use strength or attunement you should git gud
no one asked
But strength... Let's you... Do... Damage...? And hold... Weapons...? I hope this is satire.
Youre kind of an idiot. Strength is required for certain weapons, and used to do damage. Attunemnent is useful for any spell buile.
Somebody doesn’t know about resistance
What a beta male lol
This man probably levels dex and resistance
is this man serious i honestly cant tell
Psh the only one who needs to git hud is you You dont even know what stats do
I can agree partially about attunement, thought it does raise resistance and for a sorcerer and any other class which utilizes spell, it’s great. But you’r saying strength is bad, *****ing idiot
I apologize for my grammar
Your logic is idiotic
@op anon Ha, what a pleb, everyone knows you should level only resistance through the entire game
Another noob pretending to be a pro!
Lmao, all of you people just got baited! This person definitely wrote this to trigger everyone; can no one here tell that they’re trolling?!
My attunement is 99 on all 3 of my characters and I don’t level any other stats and I’ve never lost in pvp. I don’t use spells either
Yeah this is obviously a troll ya'll play too much dark souls and becoming hollow or something?
Attunement and strength are good compared to vitality, why level that up?
the noob that will never learn from their past mistakes
Found the Dex user
This is obvious bait.
I swear I feel like my lock-on range is longer with 99 attunement (only did that because of a night of drunken stupidity on a randomly made char)... that, and my spells also travel faster, and area of effect larger. Not by much, but it feels like it's there at 99. Can someone confirm these?