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Whoever is the dumb that designed this dungeon, I hope they got fired and never be employed again. What a *****ing way to ruin a game. "I can't make a genuine difficult level so I will just cut the player's HP by half and make all the bosses une-shot them" ***** this dungeon is pure *******



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Just don't get hit bro


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Imagine being this entitled lol
Improve skills ***
This dungeon has been a breeze. Amygdala is real challenge. Been so close twice but got greedy and attacked when I shoulda ran. Fourth attempt shoulda be my last. -Gary Vuplim


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would love help finishing up the chalice trophy to platinum my last soulsbourne game, SamuraiAkuzaMan is the tag, main char hasnt done dlc and is in new game+, my more heavy hitting char is on the rom chalice before this, i work 3rd shift and typically can only play 10pm to 10am est on friday and saturday, however, im always up for starting anew on either bloodbourne or any souls on ps4 for fun. hit me up if your willing to help me get my final platinum and let me know youre from here or i'll likely ignore it.
DUST514GOD612, i'll help you if you help me?
If anyone is struggling with Keeper of the Old Lords, I found out that Executioners' Gloves on arcane build and baiting Conflagration-like attack, then dashing to the side and attack is very effective. Sometimes he also approaches you slowly- with a fast weapon you can stunlock him for a while and deal surprising amount of damage.
While the damage isn't great for 99 Arc builds its safer to just Blacksky eye him to death, get him in a corner and he can't dodge
if y=ou still need help on this stuff go to r/huntersbell
Permanently lowers players hit points by 50% while inside the dungeon, this is the sign of a*****ty dev..... a cheap shortcut for difficulty that is more annoying than difficult
Hilariously enough bloodborne gets a pass but DS2 gets dragged through the mud for the same offenses.
"Hilariously enough bloodborne gets a pass but DS2 gets dragged through the mud for the same offenses." I hope you aren't serious. So much wrong with your comment. Comparing any aspect of ds2 to bloodborne is pathetic, first of all. Bloodborne is in another dimension in terms of gameplay and atmosphere, even compared to the other souls games. And you are unfair by missin the obvious: The chalice dungeons are not part of the main game. And just a few lower the health. It's also a good design choice in terms of lore. Connecting the chalice dungeons and the feel of hopelessness (by creating these long weird labyrinths with op bosses and cursing the player) with the main game is the most lovecraftian thing that bloodborne did. So please, don't write nonsense like that. You can't even criticize the game itself for something within the OPTIONAL chalice dungeons.
>You can't even criticize the game itself The hell we can't. At least in DS2 your health creeps down over the course of several deaths.
Don't even try to solo this chalice. You're gonna die. A lot. Get help. Trust me.
On Amygdala rn, solo through whole dungeon. Keeper and Doggo both dispatched on third attempt. Amygdala attempt four coming soon. -Gary Vuplim
The thing about souls borne is that you can die a lot by still win anyway. That being said, u a *****.
If anyone else is still doing this, I am experiencing what I assume to be a bug but am not sure. I have summoned both Olek and The Queen Killer at different times and neither one are able to damage the Watchdog of the Lords. Like they hit it, even can stun or put it into visceral position. But the health bar does not register the damage done by them only me. Is that supposed to happen?
Guarantee that's not intended, my guy
Don't let Keeper flame his sword(shoot or hit him before it) and he'll be in a loop of fending you off and then trying to enchant it(which you can stop again). Makes him a piece of cake,
How to you get to amygdala (not in the labyrinth)
It’s in the Nightmare Frontier. Keep going forward form the lamp until you come to a big lake of poison. Cross it keeping to the North East and you’ll eventually get to Amygdala.
"charging out recklessly could result in getting one-shotted" lmao, walking into the dungeon is now considered "reckless", that's game design for you