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dont do it karla dont say the n word


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I didnt get


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Nigerundayooo, ashen one
gamers rise up
Gives me conniptions
i tried to free her but the 2 giant rats attacked her and killed her instantly. she said something around the lines of curse you ashen one we shall see each other in the abyss. what a stupid rip off i swear the god im gonna murder the rats because they are pissing me off.
qt and best girl
I just realised that shes the biggest chad out of all the DS3 characters, because: Locked in a prison - prolly sleeps, hears someone approach her - thinks its jailer and doesnt give a f@k, gets dark miracle/sorcery/pyromancy books - isn't fussy about it like Irina, sees that Ashen 1 likes darkness more than light and they'll prolly extinguish 1st flame - "idgaf , same old sht lul" no b1tchn about it.
I dunno, her first comments, her sardonic "thinking you forgot me. How sweet." Combined with a comment on how she still turns a jailer's head really gave me really strong **** vibes cause why would she comment on how she would be attractive to a jailer, anyway?... What supports it is Cornyx's comment that the gravewarden tome could only be used by someone greatly afflicted or burdened with deep sorrow then Karla, naturally, uses the tome.
Anyone else thinks she's inspired by Record of Lodoss War?