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Fuuuuuck this guy.
Some how I skipped all of the after revive section. What happened is that I had a visitor and that summon from the building next to the shrine, the special summon with a axe. I had used in the first phase, sloth, attack down, and weaken talismans on him, and skipped the second phase. When he was taking awhile to revive after I picked up the stuff, I might have missed the special summon doing something as it completely skipped the last two phases. Needs verifying.
Two phases for me, too. Different circumstances - was in expedition mode for me.
Drops smithing text: Demon God’s Hammer
ez fight until he goes full naruto with a bit of avatar with his clones and then he goes soul of cinder ahhhhhhhhh
This boss really needs check points between his phases. One phase alone is ridiculous bull*****but both always together? Hell no, this is disgusting. apparently, Team Ninja really gave up EVEN TRYING to make good bosses. AoE spam, perfect unlimited tracking and cheap oversized numbers don't make good fights. At the very least the Ki damage he does needs to be divided by 4.
I like his hat
i saw monk a staff-katana