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This boss will push you into a hole
The first demon is the worst demon boss in the series, while the last demon is, in my opinion, the best demon boss in the series.
I don't understand why everyone thinks this boss is so hard? (for the record, not trying to be condescending or anything like that, I'm literally confused) It saves your progress for the bubbles on the right, and if you can block the swipes from the main thing and jump onto the branch in the middle that's literally the entire "fight"
(OP HERE) when I say "bubbles to the right" I just mean those orange chain bubble thingies, I phrased that weirdly oops
I don't think anyone thinks it's actually hard, just very annoying and plain bad boss


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Because A. half the time you can't see what it's doing, and B. It can literally just RNG-kill you even if you do get to the core. The hands and Firestorm can still hit you there and knock you into the pit.
Because there's not really any skill involved. It's just luck of getting to the point where you can jump onto the root in the hole, without an arm casually swiping you into the hole.
Wouldn't be so bad if your only choices for bonfires weren't one in the middle of a lake of lava, followed by a tunnel of like 20 fire breathing statues with an acid spitting tentacled monstor of horror at the top, or, the other side of a bridge with a respawning titanite demon...
I like how it's HP is 2, but on NG+ it's HP is 3