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The objective of this quest is to hunt a Tempered Rathian and a Tempered Nightshade Paolumu. Just in case this wasn't known.
The objective of monster hunter is to hunt monsters.just in case this wasnt known
this is the only useful sentence on the entire page. to get this quest, you need to level up your MR and the field team leader will give you the quest eventually?
"The objective of monster hunter is to hunt monsters.just in case this wasnt known" hey, dumbass. I hope you realise that OP commented this because this page didn't have the objective on it at the time. stop being a *****.
Quest name may be a reference to a Rage Against The Machine song titled "Sleep now in the fire".
How do you unlock it? Do you have to hunt both the yian garuga and the zinogre?
I've hunted both and don't have it
u must be MR 49
The downvote was on accident I’m sorry
I'm MR 49 and so is my friend. Neither of us have this quest unlocked. Any ideas? We gotta talk to someone?
Nevermind, I figured it out. You gotta talk to the Field Team Leader.
Was having the same issue of this quest no being unlocked even though I was at MR 49. Went to the guiding lands and got one region up to level 1 and when I returned to Seliana it was unlocked. From that I assume to unlock it you need to level one region in the guiding lands up by one.
I had the same issue where this didn't unlock despite my MR being at 49. Oddly enough it unlocked after defeating Shara again
You need to reach T4 in a region in the guiding lands AND MR49 to unlock this quest
Just Level 2 will do. Then go to Seliana to speak to Field Team Leader.