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Huh, i didn't notice they had patched these to do damage
this weapon is for gey *** trash casuls who love fighting like a girl. Real man use dark sword or great sword... The rest are shhit.
kill yourself
Lmfao tell that to Witcher fans
You're a living caricature.
Real men uses greataxes with no chest armor, boy
While not particularly outstanding when compared to similar weapons of its type (e.g. Sellsword Twinblades), this weapon isn't all that bad. You are at a massive disadvantage against someone who knows how to parry, but its unique moveset, deceptively long range and lack of spotlight in the meta can make it hard for many to counter. It is a weapon that can be hard to predict if you mix up your moves well. There are definitely better options to use in order to win a fight, but if nothing else you'll be known as the madman who brought the Dancer's Swords to an UGS fight!
I’ve been trying to test the range on these bad boys, but from what i’ve experienced you have to literally standing right next to them to land a hit. I don’t know that’s just me
Why instead of having magic/fire doesnt have fire/dark? like the boss?, this would make it more viable stats/logic wise, and an interesting option for pyros/hexers, and at least dual c scaling int/fth wouldnt hurt anyone with the penalty to split damage in this game, what a mess -_-u
Love dancer's equipment but these blades have 1 drawback for me. The weapon art is nerfed down to being useless. Regular moveset is beastly with proper stats, but we all really want these for the beautiful weapon art.