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Lore wise this makes no sense, Seath was one of the everlasting dragons who had no souls because they never lived or died. his "soul" was a fragment of Gwyn's soul so calling it the "old paledrake soul" is nonsensical
Seath reincarnates appearantly.
Who knows? Perhaps the Soul Shard absorbed some of the Essence of Seath, just enough to create the sword
The world of Dark Souls exists to perpetuate the cycle. Only the worthy can get to the Throne of Want, the mechanism that makes this so is the bearers of the four Lord Souls, who must be defeated to access the Throne.

In Dark Souls, one of the four Lord Souls was removed from the cycle when it was twisted or fragmented by the Abyss, that which originally belonged to Pygmy.

The world improvised. The Lord Soul fragment given to Seath by Gwyn was upgraded to a complete Lord Soul, replacing Pygmy's, but retained the influence of Seath, its original bearer.
I've never even played the first game but it is clearly Seath
Would you prefer it be called "the pale fragment of gwyn's souls given to an immortal yet deceased everlasting dragon"? Now that's just silly.
@13 nov: Wrong. There was nothing twisted. The dark flame ist the origin of the abyss itself. Not the other way around. The dark eats the flames ending the age of fire and the flame eats the dark, marking the begining of a new age of fire. Your explaination would lead to the conclusion a perfect, darkless flame would never perish. What is nonsense. The only thing the player can do is prologing the age of fire but only a flameless age can be an everlasting one. Dark Souls 1 proofed that.
This single item is all the evidence you need that Dark Souls 2 was made by people who did not understand the lore of Dark Souls 1 and thus didn't have the capacity or desire to expand upon that lore. Instead they just reference things they don't understand and get around inconsistencies by claiming that everything is just part of a big cycle and nothing we do matters.

This game sucks.
No...seath was an unimmortal dragon who lacked scales and it's not Gwyns soul it's a fraction of a lord soul Gwyn gave fractions. Of. It to powerful beings like the four kings
The crystal spear is not worth getting anymore because it requires 2 slots to use.

In the past when it required 1 slot, it was one of the best spells in the game, but now its utter garbage, so get the Greatsword because its unique and powerful.
You are *****ing dumb
You are *****ing genius
Everyone has their opinion so best not to judge. I however agree with his/her opinion to trade for the greatsword instead.
how about get both?
Try tongue.
Spell. Swap.
In sotfs The ccs costs 10000 not 60000
This wiki is based on the original dark souls 2


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I think you just read it wrong. It says you can use it to
b) CCS
c) Get 60k souls
I agree that this soul belongs to seath because the moonlight greatsword description reads: this sword comes from a great white being
Also, the duke is often described as someone who envied others for what he lacked, just as seath resented the other dragons for their scales, which leads to the assumption that the duke was a piece of seath's soul, and used most of it to create Freja, thus becoming a simple hollow
This is stupid. Why the hell is this soul locked behind NG+? Makes no sense. First from a lore perspective, but also because the MLGS is a really core piece of gear for spellcasters. Makes no damn sense in terms of game balance at all beyond a great big "f*** you"
is it really so hard to use a bonfire ascetic?
Awe. Poor baby.
You're dumb. Just use an ascetic twice
That’s why we have bonfire ast
Core piece of gear for spellcasters? Seriously? The only souls game I’ve ever used the Moonlight Greatsword was Bloodborne, (holy moonlight sword) DS2 has the greatest number of weapons in any souls game, you people need to start thinking outside the meta.
Cool, real cool, i just F***in adore the game making me go back to the horrible terrifying spider area again to get one dam item needed for an achievement.