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The ones in the fishing hamlet can also drop cursed tempering damp radials and triangles.
Beast roar knocks them down so you can whale on them, but they can still easily kill you by frenzy.
Everybody be gangsta until the winter lantern starts singing



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Oh boy, a stealth sequence! What did we do Miyazaki, weren’t the dogs enough?
can the ones in the frontier drop (5) droplets? i’m tryna make a good blade of mercy without going dungeon diving to far
I believe they drop 3s and Mensis lanterns drop 4s, but there might be a rare chance for one higher. 4s are 19% for phys dmg. The Fishing hamlet ones drop 5s
Mensis can drop 5s. 19.8 phys
Imagine there were Winter Lanterns instead of the Deacons of the Deep in ds3....
Nope nope nope NOPE NOPE NOPE
Some people just want to see the world burn
If you're too lazy to do the chalice dungeons they're a great source for gems just gear up with the crowfeather set( ashen hunter is ok too) especially the beak mask some sedatives and a heavy weapon like hunter axe(not trasformed) or kirkhammer(hammer form) and R2 them to the ground till they're dead. This might only work on NG though since they're weaker and I usually have 0 insights with a frenzy rune. It takes me 3 R2 with hunter axe +9.
I LOST 62000 blood echoes on those mother*****ing *****es
They most definitely can see behind themselves I dont know why you would write such a damaging lie