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i couldnt kill the pot enemies so i had to flee to siegward, but they attacked him and made him hostile to me, so i had to kill the only true friend i had. i'm sorry siegward.
That's how I ended killing Anri near the bridge in the catacumbs. plus
aaah, of course. The blue doors had to be opened. Why didn't I think of that?
You mean you didn't think to backtrack and check an inconsequential setpiece in an area you never have to pass through after you've unlocked the first shortcut to the main bonfire in the area, after reaching the literal end of the level? GiT gUd
I'm so mad I killed yhorm and then saved seigward. Robbing myself of that cutscene.
I once sat in the cell with my SL1 before killing Siegward in there knowing my one bro’s true duty was to defeat every boss alone
he isnt dead he will go hollow like in every game
Long may The sunshine
combat info please