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This boss is too gimmicky to call a boss IMO. I've beaten him over a dozen times but haven't ever been hassled enough to learn his attacks since he's dead in seconds each time. Very strange idea, this one, but at least it's a pretty cool moment, sending a ruthless warlord into a pit that he's terrified of
It looks dangerous but actually worse than the Old Iron King of DS2.
I don't think I've memorized any of his moves aside from climbing, because as long as you dish out enough damage, which you will at least at lower NG cycles, he's harmless as long as you don't end up behind him. If breaking the bracelets didn't stagger him so severely, he would actually be (consistently) super hard with constant summons and damage mist chipping away at you
there are summons?
i just spent 10 minutes watching this idiot summoning and exploding his sword over and over without any windows for me to hit his goddamn bracelet and there is no doubt in my mind that this is the WORST boss in the entire series conceptually.
I just fought him the other day and he summoned his sword four or five times, and he barely left his hand on the ground for me to hit it. I hate this boss.
That's why you always start with the right hand and break the bracelet on it asap. After which he can summon his sword as much is he wants.
He's weak to strike, weapons and bracelets? Really now fextralife?
sorry mr skeletal, but you forgot your calcium
Wolnir: so, what do you say? Unkindled: nito did it. Wolnir: excuse you? Unkindled: the sleeping in the dark thing. Nito did it. Wolnir: hold on a sec... Patches: yeah, after conquering the dragons and stuff. Wolnir: but... Unkindled: AFTER he built a huge catacomb, like you did here. Nito 2: but wait! He destroyed his catacombs! Patches: yeah, well, this is a better built catacomb. Nito 2: so it's completely different! Unkindled: yeah, about as different as you are from nito. Patches: SHOTS FIRED!
That TFS tho
and he doesn't have a noice covenant based on him
I think the fight could be fixed easily by giving the bracelets a lot more health, reduce the damage from poison clouds, and maybe add less skeletons each spawn.
Why the hell wont his rings break? I can break the two left ones, but the right hand one never breaks even after I’ve hit it a hundred times
They have a fixed amount of health (individual health for breakable parts, like the cursed greatwood s sacks) so you re probably not dealing enough damage
What happens when you have too much calcium
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