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use poison (he is not so resistant at all as wiki says lol) to use storytellers staff (wont need to go so near, run around big skulptures)
Using bow was so easy I feel like I cheated
Pestilent Mist worked well for me as a pyro/sorcerer, while the two NPC's held aggro I got behind him and cast it a few times, then pelted him with Great heavy soul arrow, but it was still a close one. Knight Slayer Tsorig died just as the boss did. and Cuckulus had a sliver of health, lucky me... Pestilent mist seemed to work well here because with his range he tends to stand still, so you get the full effect of the spell.
The suggestion to hit him during his big fire stream ability as melee is bunk. It only triggers if you are fairly far away. If you're far enough away to trigger it, you're too far away to get a chance to melee him.
It says the Old Demon King is the only survivor who witnessed the Chaos of Izalith, but what about the Demon in Pain, Demon from Below, and the Demon Prince? Wouldn't they also be survivors and witnesses?
I think it refers to the Demon King being one of the first demons, born when the Chaos flame was yet to be fully controlled. The other 2 are likely born after the witches assumed control of it. I might be wrong, however.
ok boomer
Just had an odd experience. Used storyteller's staff and kept him proc'd with poison. 33 dam/sec throughout. Took no damage as a result. The odd thing is that I received 30,000 souls after the fight. I even have video. The only thing I can imagine is that the game rewarded the flawless fight. That's odd though... because I know there have been plenty of speedruns wherein people never get hit by anything. So I feel like that reward would be one everyone would know about by now. Either way, it was on NG. Not like that matters... because 30,000 is never a reward for beating him.


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They should have made Flamelurker the old demon king.
Flamelurker was straight up unfun with the constant AoE spam, you're just being nostalgic
Went full breserk on his *** in that small pathway
Stat wise, cuculus is using a bad combination for the boss, but in practice, cuculus is a good phantom for the fight. Or at least it feels like it. And since Tsorig doesn’t have any estus he can die quickly.
Tsorig is FAR FAR better that cuculus. Far more damage and together you can infinitely stagger the boss.