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People like to rail on how gimmicky the fight with Yhorm is, but personally I think it's way less climactic to clip his toenails until he dies. It's a cool challenge but too tedious to be fun. Also always feels goofy to scratch a huge enemy's ankles a million times and the last one instantly game-ends them
I tried this thing after I completed siegward's questline. I walked upto him that's right I walked. I aimed like a boss and shot chaos bed vestiges at his head and thought his health gonna go down like hell but his head just moved. Like nudged. I looked at the health and saw it did zero damage. I felt pretty stupid after that and YHORM whacked me like a damn housefly
Easy to kill with pestilent mist.
I'm glad this did not end up being the tutorial boss.
Didn't know about Storm Ruler so I spent an hour whacking at his legs with my short axe.
That's because you aren't supposed to hit his legs, try head and arms instead.
DS2 giants were retconned in DS3 as Giant Trees, not actual giants.
Almost everything established in Ds2 was retconned into oblivion
is it possible to kill yhorm with a broken parrying dagger in ng+7 while also being SL1?
with patience
pretty sure you'd literally deal 1 damage per swing. You would be doing it for hours.
Sure, my guess is it'd take at least an entire day, so unless you can stay focused for that long, you probably will also need a friend to change you from time to time.
Deepest lore
I guess everyone has their unique experience with their fight along with Siegward. I see many people say that he dies immediately before they get the Storm Ruler (which btw in my first playthrough now, I genuinely did not know and did not take it). When in my case, I saw him get a beating to a pulp by Yhorm 5 imes in a row and HE STILL LIVED. I gave him the honor of distracting Yhorm for the whole fight until he wind blasted him to death.
old man with machette wacks annoying flys in his living room
Notes and Trivia section needs fixed. Specifically: "Yhorm's armor is reminiscent of the armor the Soul of Cinder wears, the chest plate and shoulder piece namely so, while his ." (sic) The thought beckons the reader to read on, but it's a full stop with no additional info. Perhaps the original contributor could complete their thought, or erase "while his" and end the statement at, "...namely so."