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More like Halfblight, Spear of the Infinite Gank with unlimited FP
[Summoned as a boss] Host: “My phantoms and i will destroy you!” Me: *rubbing rotten pine on Ghru Spear* “Let 99Luck will decide you fates. Foolish mortals!”
I got summoned as a spear while I was actually a finger. Strange
Got an afk players as my bossfight, was fairly anti-climactic.
More like "half-connected to his wifi, spear of the broken regionlock"
I like how there is no magic strategy. If you're an int/fth build you're on your own I guess.
The NPC boss is so*****ty. Get an ultra with strike dmg and ***** it. But if you are a pyro or mage, get ready to have all your attacks evaded and 2 shot.
For Pyro, I found that Profaned Flame is super good against Halflight. She doesn't dodge it half as well as normal projectile spells like Chaos Bed Vestiges, and it staggers her. Makes the fight extremely easy once you killed the 2 phantoms
The King's lag is no trifling matter!
this boss sounds extremely dumb online but I fought it offline and it was a lot more tame, would recommend instead of toughing through the lag
Even then, it’s taking me ages Bc of the guardians constantly healing the guy
For sorcerers doing this fight online: besides your usual PvP setup, you gotta nuke the first guardian with crystal spears. If everything goes right it's gonna be a 1v1 until the second one arrives. If the other guy is bad he's gonna be dead before she can help, if he is decent your best bet would be running around trying to nuke the second one with crystal spears again. It's pretty tough because you won't have a lot of time to cast, but there is no way she is dying with homing soul mass while the guy is charging r2's in your back. So either try that or do your best to win 2v1. If it gets too infuriating (it's really tough doing PvP while getting ganked 'cause you can't cast***** and if you're a mage you die easily) either summon someone else or switch to offline.