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Even when using a Cheat Table to get 100% drop rate, it doesn't even guarantee vertebra shackles, which sucks as I'm trying to get Bloodlust without PvPing
Fastest way to get shackles: get summoned into a fight club. You get a lot from just duelling people.
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do you know that it is rare for the sword
is dark souls remastered dark souls 2?
were you taking to me
Those Shotel Skeletons...always remind me why I disliked Dark Souls 3s Bloodborne-esque gameplay. So obnoxious.
I know you'd prefer if enemies were slow pushovers that barely take any effort to defeat but have you ever thought about gitting gud?
I always think of people that says “git gud” as virgins afraid of females. Git smart, there are a lot of ways to deal with the game with brain and not with fast reflexes. Spook and invisibility, sacred maces, or you can use the abyss watchers blade to stagger them with 2 handed r1. Or you can run past them and cross the entire catacombs in 5 minutes by running on the bridge, drop left in the next room, cross the bridge with the giant ball, wait for it to come bac, run to the right in the room with skeletons, then left, left again, wait for the giant ball n. 2, then run to the bonfire to the left. Then you need to run in the door where the ball goes (wait until it comes back), Left, right, then skeleton bridge and wolnir. Git smart, not good.
Ladies and gentleman, thr Cazadors of Dark Souls.
These are harder than half of the bosses in this game
Hammer/Mace type weapons (regular and great varieties both) make them a joke. You can knock them onto their asses until their defeat.
GG EZPZ! Blunt weapons always knock them down.
But their hood is SO COOL! I want it so badly.