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best dragon boss beated him on my first try if you cant beat him stop playing dark souls you coward
I beat gael on my 2nd try. Went back for Midir. On my 5th try. I think you're a liar or you were carried.
>i beat him on my first try >yeah i had 2 password summons so what?
Imagine using summons and then calling others cowards lolololol
Son of a b**** :D
"Yes yes, make very attack do 3/4 the player's health, have one spot you can actually do damage to, attack hitboxes the size of the White House, the ability to go halfway across the map with every *****ing attack, and at last, a massive healthbar" I mean sure, I get it, it requires skill to beat, but there is plenty of issues with this fight, and people need to stop jerking it off so much, and recognize that no, it isn't a perfect fight.
No fight in any Dark Souls game is 100% perfect. But as fair as a fair fight against a massive enemy, this one is as fair as you'll get. It's a very challenging fight, but all his attacks have large windups, and are all avoidable. Not to mention the area he's in is home to some of the hardest of bosses in the game as well. I'd argue the Demon Prince is a more unfair and BS fight than this, but I still love the Prince.
I... I just... I beat him after a dozen tries and didn't get anything. No souls. No drops. Nothing. He's just gone. And I already beat the rest of this DLC. So... now what?
Did you beat him in his cave? Or on the cliff?
Best boss, hands down
lol fighting him as a pyromance takes 2 hours, i guess this is why boulder heave is a thing
Bad hitboxes that dont line up with the model, bad design, dumb AI, damage sponge, causes the camera and lock on to randomly break for no discernable reason leaving you unable to see or dodge anything. "Hard" for all the wrong reasons, and offers no actual challenge once you know how to work around everything broken in the fight. Hard to believe the same studio that made Manus, Artorias, Biggie&Smalls, and Gael, also pinched out this turd.
You obviously aren't getting the right experience. Number one, don't lock on. HORRIBLE idea for Midir. I think your game might be messed up or you're just not looking right (Once again, don't lock on) but I've never had a single issue hitting Midir or dodging him, unless I mess up in which case it's my fault. Bad design, nah, you just don't like him, which is a fair opinion I guess. His AI isn't too bad but not as good as all bosses. Yes, he is a damage sponge, I won't argue there. But for me he's fun, and he's a pretty fair fight, and honestly one of my favorite in all of Dark Souls.
then why do you lock on to large, fast, camera obscuring bosses? It's not a new concept to freecam in a fight dude
to rephrase what you said, “hard until i got good”
There’s no easy way to beat this boss. You just gotta grit your teeth and start learning his attacks to dodge them properly. On the bright side, the timing of all his attacks is fairly straightforward, no weird timings like Soul of Cinder or Gundyr have.
Honestly, this fight was incredibly boring, and all of the actual players summoned ran around the entire fight, dragging it out as much as possible. 0/10 would not do again