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This guy is legit a cheat. 2 shots from his pistol and I’m done. I tried bringing down the stairs and but he kept using his pistol.
Run from one end to the other and he'll sprint after you and do a long wind up swing that is incredibly easy to parry. I visceraled him to death and I dont think I could any damage (after dying to him probably 10 times).
wait for him to transform the chikage, and go ham on the son of a *****. he won't be able to parry, and if you have a fast weapon, he will be stunlocked for a bit, and he will take damage over time because of the transformation. If he doesn't do that, parry his running attack. try to use numbing mist as much as possible before he uses his blood vial, but him using it eventually is inevitable. watch out fo his gun, its more dangerous than his chikage.
Am I the only person that didn't have trouble with him due to the pure rage I felt after seeing what he did to my Crow waifu?
This fight becomes surprisingly easy if you use the transformed beast cutter, he moves so slow and is so bad at dashing that you can basically stomp him with the R2 and he just stands there. He's capable of dealing massive damage, still, so watch out his pistol and the moments he decides to be more aggresive
ss tier scaling +11 gun with 4 bloodtinge blood gems and 100 bloodtinge, lol, his damage though.
If you have auger of ebrietas and don't mind feeling dirty, you can trap him in a visceral loop on the stairs. Bonus if you're an arcane build. But if you ***** up the timing he will most likely one shot you.
I got into this game pretty late and beat him a month or so ago after much frustration. I ended up finding out I could run to one end of the arena and he'd sprint and do a long wind up attack that was easy to parry and would visceral him, run to the other side, parry and visceral until he died. It was ridiculously easy to exploit his AI.
Completley broken enemy Ignores Stuns,Viscerals and Knockdown guaranteed attacks Can use Vials as many times as he want (Depending what the randomizer goes for) Damage he deals is also Randomized like all enemies in the game except Kos
the max vials he can use is 2. Far from broken in that regard
OP, I understand being frustrated - we're all in the same boat - but making the conscious decision to lie about what the enemy is capable of is just about the most counterproductive thing you can do.
Git Gud
Transformed burial blade R2 does wonders against this guy. Maintained spacing to knock him down with a charged R2, and if he dashed to get close the uncharged R2 comes out quickly and does enough poise damage to stagger him. I'm sure you could get similar results with the rifle spear or hunter axe. Probably got lucky since at least 25% of damage done to him was by his own chikage, but I managed to beat him first try doing this.
This dude is nutty