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Sister Friede is the Shrine of Amana of DS3
imo the only good part of this boss is Phase 3
i don't have a foot fetish, but damn that intro scene tho. step on me sister.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
She is so *****ing cool.
Wait. Do I really have to do her 3rd phase alone? Last night I started summoning help after some much frustration trying to beat her on my own. Turns out I got my titanite slab and all my brothers simply disappeared , which once again made it too easy for her to kick my ***. I thought I was ready for anything after beating the nameless king on my own. Please help. PSN: pencilcarioca
My bad. I just beat her (all phases with summoned help)


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You're playing Dark Souls. How can you possibly trust something?
Died during the third phase, didn't get a titanite slab after the second. ***** this*****
I’m 0 for 100+ on this boss. Can’t beat it. I’ve beaten every other boss without too much difficulty but this one I guess I will never beat. I’m playing with a pyro. I’ve tried sorcery with crystal chime, dark sorcery with izalith staff, pyro spells, and dark miracles with faith as chime. Nothing works.
“Faith as chime” should be “Caitha’s Chime”. Using dorys gnaw and affinity.
use dark sorcery, spam soul dregs, the small ones, she will be done
Honestly I only managed to kill her because Gael carried the***** out of the fight
my brother when he got to the stage two cutscene where he smashes his bowl on the grout and sets the arena on fire he said "THIS IS SPICY!!!!!! I ORDERED MILD AND THIS IS SPICY!!!!!!!!!" and i laughed myself off the planet