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Great track, awful tracking


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Lmao easy af just spam R1 with Tonitrus.
Addendum to the "lore" section linking this page to Rakuyo's hilariously bad assertions: The One Reborn is not a reincarnation of Gravelord Nito because Bloodborne is not Dark Souls; while The One Reborn can be inferred to have been created by the Mensis ritual, the link in the "lore" section sadly leads to Rakuyo's inane attempts at lore dissection.
No need to bring it up on this page, I don't think anyone takes his fanfics seriously despite his clear need for validation
I love how you pissy little *****es cant handle a "what if" scenario. Yes miyazaki said they weren't connected but he also said it's open to interpretation. You dont like it? Make a better interpretation instead of being whiny little *****s. So pathetic.
^ you forgot to log in rak
19 Feb, have you considered calming down?
19 Feb, our "what if" theory is that it isn't f*cking nito you homunculus
I wonder if the One Reborn was created to be a physical body for the Brain of Mensis, outside of the nightmare. I don't have any evidence for this, so I won't try to claim it's true, just a fun thought.
The brain already has a physical form, great ones seem to be able to carry over between realities without needing a different body. Their non-physical forms are things we supposedly can't see
oh. disregard this post then, my apologies.
"This is all your fault, guys! Look what you did!" -SuperButterBuns
"Strong attacks and tough patterns? Nah, let's just have him constantly flail around with 360° of stagger/dmg and have NPCs heal him lol"
Just so you guys know, the Shaman Bone Blade works on the pyromancers on the 2nd floor.
Throughout several playthroughs ive killed this boy in one go, but im on my 4th try now he kills me every time with the diarrhoea of doom.