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Can someone drop me this ring psn: pitoniano


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So, through thorough testing with different VIT levels, it seems that wearing Havel's Ring and better poise armor leaves you with more defensive stats (since it's better armor) and anywhere from 0-2 less poise if not slightly more (tested with +3 versions). Now, if you're going to maximum poise - that is, full havel's - then due to diminishing returns on poise, you're only going to get 4.48 extra poise instead of the advertised 9. In conclusion: This thing is worthless, I won't apologize for hurting your feelings, stop defending it.
So it's worthless to a full Havel and a dedicated build for such. Okay, I'll keep that in mind for my max every stat build I'm definitely gonna do.
The point of the ring is to have more poise without having to use heavier armor. Your test is pointless because you didn't actually consider the intended use of the ring.
Please, can anybody left this ring (version normal - adquired across 2 nível of convenant of wathdogs of farron) for me? My id in PSN is GODOFWARSmars11
Even if you wear this, you will still probably get staggered by a straight sword.
No matter how you defend poise in this game, it s utter trash caused by bloodborne s influence and braindead fanboys who spams their straight swords the whole day. This mechanic and absorption stats that stacks diminishingly totally ruined heavy knight builds and the npc who are actual heavy knights are either buffed with artifficial difficulty or given ds1 poise just for being 0,30 cm taller.