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i just killed him and he didnt drop the ring...
You must be kidding
Greirat has to be in Firelink Shrine at the same time, if Greirat is out purloining goods to sell or is dead then you cannot obtain the ring. Just found this out myself after messing up a step in Greirat's quest, he died and I never talked to Patches beforehand. This ring is actually incredibly useful for turtles if you don't use Knight Tsorig's Ring and it uses less stamina than an attack does.
you just needed to have greirat in firelink, then talk to patches in the menu (as in choose the “talk” option). if he talks about greirat the ring will pop into his inventory to sell. i only know this because i came here to find out why after 5 characters, the latest patches had no ring, so i read the wiki above. don’t be impatient, you had no reason to kill him, if you just read the article instead of going straight to the comments, you’d have been fine. now you’re probably screwed
Greirat for one. Patches is tsundere.
Maybe, just a makeshift theory, based on the design, maybe this was an early/homemade design for Smough’s ring if he became the fifth knight of Gwyn? But after the bone incident and whatever happened to Smough, Patches came along and was, well he did what Patches does.
Change the animation to a drop kick and we’re good.
If it changed the kick animation to Gundyr's roundhouse kick this thing would never leave my equip screen.
July anon, I love you for giving me that mental image.
Spartan Ring
hehe, the little firebreathing stone lizards in archdragon peak will roll over twice instead of only once when you kick them with this ring equipped
This is the fifth signet ring for the Knights of Gwyn.
we all get what you’re going for here.. . but no. just, no.
It's 40%