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I picked up the 2 fire keeper souls (from new londo ruins and blighttown), killed the moon butterfly and picked up the fire keeper soul that is under the bell gargoyles, because i picked it up or because i killed the moon butteefly before killing him the event got triggered and he killed the fire keeper in fire link : ( , Lautrec you f*cking ******! Now i have to go to freaking Anor Londo to get the ring...
i messed up the kick and hit him instead ;_;
nvm its good turns out he doesn't leave if you die to him at firelink and he doesn't kill anastasia it just deactivates the bonfire until you kill him
That sucks
The magic guy was a lot of crap to deal with but after that the battle gets easy
first time playin souls here. i've just freed lautrec and beaten gargoyles, now i'm looking to clear lower burg. he's chillin in the firelink shrine so i have a perfect chance to kick him out now. is it recommended to do this in my first playthrough? the only difference i see is that i wont be able to obtain these two sets but i dont know yet if i will need them. i'm kinda worried about not being able to use bonfire here for a certain amount of time because with a lot of shortcuts to firelink shrine i found it as a great starting point to do things. and fap ring is a very juicy thing to get this early for me (i've already had havoc ring) so instead of looking to get this ring in the mid-end game locations i could get it now. what should i do?
I’m at the point of having to free him and would love to know if killing him while he is “friendly” causes sin to be added to my character? The armour sets aren’t that big of a deal for me, but the ring sounds great to get.
Yeah, just kill him. You’ll be able to do quest line properly in NG+.
Fckin ******
I may have left Lautrec in the prison, where does he spawn after the Gargoyles?



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He should be in Firelink Shrine, next to where the mute Firekeeper sits
i freed lautrec them defeated gargoyles and talked to him at firelink. petrus and reah and co went down to the catacombs and petrus came back with his “lost m’lady*****. rescued reah and then talked to petrus and he gave me the “not worth her salt*****. lautrec isn’t at firelink anymore but anastacia is still alive? never seen this happen before and his is ng +23
update: reloaded and he’s back in his old spot talking about how he hates patches so i assume the perv went dont to the catacombs to have his way with reah but got patched if you will
fatty ahead, try parry & riposte, weakness: kick off the cliff