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Why does the ivory grace have more light power than the noble silver when the noble silver has a higher mind scaling than the ivory grace (based on the wiki)
I'm thinking it's because the ivory grace you collected is +9 while the noble silver is collected @ +6 my noble shadow @ +10 has 200 light more than the grace +9
Arguably one of the best veils in the game. While it doesn't provide much defense, its broad stat range and and light weight make it incredibly useful on just about any build except pure mage set ups.
Out of curiosity, why is this bad for pure mage builds? Of all the blood veils in the game? It has the highest mind scaling and the stat requirements for it are also mind.
Because of its willpower is only D. Meaning you're dark gifts will suck and take more dmg from elemental attacks.
Goes amazingly well with venom builds, I recommend it if you’re thinking about starting a venom build.