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i may have accidentally glitch ivory king which made him stand and do nothing, might be caused by extreme poise or when i used iron flesh. Someone please test to confirm.
That happened 3 times today already.
Don't know why.
Seen it in a video. Not sure what caused it, but confirmed to appear.
you dont have to use the seperation crystal, if you have the homeward spell memorized, you can quit the field instantly
I note it says five souls for the gauntlets and five souls for the leggings, not five souls for the gauntlets and leggings. So, to clarify: Do I get the rewards based on the total number of souls I hand over, or are those numbers the cost of each individual reward? Because that would mean I have to collect 110 (1) souls to get everything.
No, the souls you have, you needn't hand in. You only need 50 souls for the whole collection of rewards.
There is no drop boost, neither being hollowed nor having more or less burnt gear in the inventory. Tested it in SotFS and got even worse drop rates over the course of two hours. I think the authors had just a positive fluctuation. Still might be true for vanilla. But for vanilla there is no higher drop chance for phantoms when both wear full item drop gear - tested it with a friend and we got both exactly the same amount of souls (for all 50 farmed). So just wear full gear and invest time, there is no better strategie. Being human might be useful though, because of the summons that draw the attention from you so you can deal damage. It's frustrating when you're focussed by all enemies all the time.
I really hate the random number theory... I got 4 souls on a run then i get only armor pieces on the next 5 runs...
just so everyone knows, the burnt ivory king armor is sold by maughlin in majula after you've gotten 50 souls and spoken to alsanna to get the rewards. if ivory king is still alive or you haven't gotten all the loyce soul rewards from alsanna he doesn't sell it.
maughlin dies in my game as soon as I get to Majula. His armor worth more to me then any crap he sells or might sell in the future.
Open letter to the absolute, colossal a**hole perma-invading people trying to farm Loyce Souls. Go kill yourself, you worthless scumbag. Signed, literally everyone.
Just go into offline mode, dumbass
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good idea from, make you need 50 of something with an abysmal droprate to proceed to the next area
Only you don't need them to proceed to the next area. There is no "next area" either, once you defeat the Ivory King, the DLC is over.
Might be one of the worst ideas from has ever had (besides never finishing dark souls 1...).... even if the souls had a drop rate of 100% (as they should imo) it would be grindy. But 1h< instead of <6 hours in and 25 souls grindy..... This and the horrible coop area in eleum loyce makes me want to take this games down from a respectable 7/10 to 5/10.
Not "this game" just "this dlc"
he said “never finishing dark souls 1” as in Fromsoftware not finishing making the game, because it was rushed in development...